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We must confront the facts about Osh 2010
Friday, 10 Jun, 2011 – 4:57 | 2 Comments
We must confront the facts about Osh 2010

It has been one year since the terrible events in southern Kyrgyzstan, particularly Osh. neweurasia’s Marat reviews what he sees as a year of avoidance and wrongful finger-pointing. “I believe [reconciliation efforts] will not work until someone legibly explains the disproportion in the numbers between Uzbeks and Kyrgyz of those killed, raped, shot, tortured, convicted and forced to flee,” he says. “I’m sorry, but my countrymen must confront this fact.”

Kyrgyz Election Campaign Goes Viral
Friday, 8 Oct, 2010 – 21:56 | No Comment

The election campaign in Kyrgyzstan has seen the competing parties make unprecedented use of social networking sites and blog pages. Analysts say the flurry of web campaigning will not swing the vote, but could stir …

I Want Peace in Kyrgyzstan
Wednesday, 23 Jun, 2010 – 10:38 | 5 Comments
I Want Peace in Kyrgyzstan

A public campaign is taking place in Bishkek and Osh under the slogan “I want peace in Kyrgyzstan”, which is actively spreading the message of peace, harmony and peaceful settlement of the situation. The driving force behind the campaign are active civic activists and internet users. neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan Namazaliev, who is one of the members of the campaign, reports.

Say “No” to civil war in Kyrgyzstan
Saturday, 19 Jun, 2010 – 15:39 | One Comment
Say “No” to civil war in Kyrgyzstan

There are rumors swirling around that a new uprising is about to happen among the Kyrgyz in the north of the Kyrgyzstan or possibly between the Kyrgyz and smaller minorities like the Uighurs. neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan Namazaliev advises against listening to such rumors because they potentially endanger the stability of the country, and neweurasia’s Schwartz adds that talk of “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” may be as harmful as it is potentially inaccurate.

An Appeal to International Organizations
Wednesday, 16 Jun, 2010 – 20:48 | 2 Comments

Translation of Mirsulzhan’s post (RUS)
The tragic events in Osh and Jalalabad, which led to the death of 120 people (according to official data), have shocked the world.
There are different accounts of what happened circulating in …

United Nations: violence in KG began with coordinated attacks
Wednesday, 16 Jun, 2010 – 0:19 | 5 Comments
United Nations: violence in KG began with coordinated attacks

Big news everyone: the office of the United Nation’s High Commissioner for Human Rights says that, based upon analysis of eye-witness accounts, violence in Kyrgyzstan appears to have begun with five coordinated attacks before taking on its current inter-ethnic character. Whether these were various agents provocateurs hypothesized on the Twittersphere is far from clear.

Will the invisible hand save or destroy Kyrgyzstan?
Friday, 7 May, 2010 – 9:00 | 5 Comments

The question on everyone’s minds is: what next for Kyrgyzstan? neweurasia’s Schwartz describes three possible scenarios. At stake is Kyrgyzstan’s social contract and solubility as a country. The choice Schwartz proposes is tough, but “any other strategy might leave Kyrgyzstan too much at the whims of the invisible hand…”

3000 attack Internal Affairs office in Bishkek, new rally in Ala-Too Square
Thursday, 8 Apr, 2010 – 15:31 | One Comment
3000 attack Internal Affairs office in Bishkek, new rally in Ala-Too Square

neweurasia‘s Kyrgyz blogger, Mirzulshan Namazaliev, was interviewed by CNN.  Meanwhile, LiveJournal blogger and former neweurasia country coordinator for Kyrgyzstan, Elena Skochilo, is compiling reports from news services and comments from colleagues and contacts on …

Kyrgyzstan uprising: “I think there’s no way back”
Wednesday, 7 Apr, 2010 – 15:05 | 2 Comments
Kyrgyzstan uprising: “I think there’s no way back”

neweurasia has been following the uprising in Kyrgyzstan, which began yesterday in Talas and has since spread to Bishkek. Given the fact that this time of year witnesses ritual protests to commemorate the Tulip Revolution, it is still unclear whether this is just a particularly bad flare-up. However, the videos and photographs trickling in are showing that this may indeed be a repeat of 2005. neweurasia’s Kyrgyz blogger, Mirsulzhan Namazaliev, gives his opinion of what’s at stake.

Why Does Kyrgyzstan Need a Customs Union when Russia is the Main Protectionist?
Saturday, 2 Jan, 2010 – 17:40 | One Comment

Translation of Mirsulzhan‘s post (RUS).
The Russian “Vedomosti” newspaper reports that, according to Global Trade Alert, Russia and the European Union were leaders in introducing trade barriers in 2009, despite the declaration signed last November by …