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Evgenii Gurevich: “I Don’t Understand What I’m Being Accused Of”
Wednesday, 30 Mar, 2011 – 11:00 | 4 Comments
Evgenii Gurevich: “I Don’t Understand What I’m Being Accused Of”

The Leninskii district court has sentenced former MGN Group director Eugene (Evgenii) Gurevich, currently sought by the police, in absentia. neweurasia’s Sabina contacted Mr. Gurevich, who shared his thoughts with her on the verdict in an exclusive interview.

I’m Voting!
Monday, 28 Mar, 2011 – 23:53 | 3 Comments
I’m Voting!

Translation of sadenova’s post (ENG)
Egypt held a referendum last Friday. For many citizens, it was their first experience having a say in the fate of their country and the constitution it would adopt (not counting …

K+ Channel Off the Air in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan
Friday, 25 Mar, 2011 – 22:52 | One Comment
K+ Channel Off the Air in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan

Translation of sabinareingold’s post (RUS)
Cable provider Ala TV has temporarily stopped broadcasting the independent channel K+. Ala TV’s management claims this is the temporary result of technical upgrades; however, K+ employees are not surprised that …

Of Swans and Lawyers
Friday, 25 Mar, 2011 – 14:00 | No Comment
Of Swans and Lawyers

Translation of Mashrab’s post (RUS)
After the long-awaited snowfall, I took a walk down Broadway, or what used to be known as the Tashkent Broadway: a street full of people, artists displaying their paintings and cheerful …

Russia and Kyrgyzstan Cautiously Cooperate
Friday, 25 Mar, 2011 – 0:00 | One Comment

Translation of Kamilla’s post (RUS)
In return for a 48% stake in Dastan Corporation (ammunition) and a 75% stake in Kyrgyzgaz, Russia will lift tariffs on fuels and lubricants and provide Kyrgyzstan with a loan of …

The Peculiarities of Tashkent Weather
Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2011 – 23:33 | One Comment
The Peculiarities of Tashkent Weather

Translation of Jamil’s post (RUS)
Winter seems unable to accept the fact that Spring is here. After yesterday’s 30 C (!) today’s morning snowfall is further evidence of how unpredictable the weather is these days.
Call it …

Tajnet Users Hint at Revolutionary Potential
Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2011 – 18:47 | One Comment
Tajnet Users Hint at Revolutionary Potential

Translation of TajikVoice’s post (RUS)
In light of recent revolutionary events in Arab countries, social networks have acquired an absolutely unique status, suddenly being thrust into the center of public attention. In response to the unrest, …

Controversy as Mutabar Tadjibaeva Rejects “Woman of Courage” Award
Tuesday, 22 Mar, 2011 – 19:00 | No Comment

Translation of Abulfazal’s post (RUS)
No sooner had Mutabar Tadjibaeva rejected her International Woman of Courage Award, which she was given by the US State Department in 2009, than comments started pouring in from all sides.
To …

Exclusive: Alpha Telecom Embezzlement Schemes Revealed
Monday, 21 Mar, 2011 – 22:01 | No Comment
Exclusive: Alpha Telecom Embezzlement Schemes Revealed

Translation of Mirbek’s post (RUS)
Azamat Murzaliev: “The numbers [see below] are based on documented evidence obtained as part of the company’s internal audit. These figures may change should additional or new information come to light. …

Patriotism vs. Nationalism: Where does today’s youth draw the line – and does it?
Sunday, 20 Mar, 2011 – 19:56 | One Comment

Translation of Jamil’s post (RUS)
A friend of a friend had some interesting wallpaper on his cell phone. After talking to him for a while, I realized that the young man was “sick” with nationalism in …