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Q&A with Man Nistam: What really happened in Gorno-Badakhshan?
Tuesday, 18 Sep, 2012 – 8:36 | No Comment

This was originally posted by NewEurasia.net partner, Kanal PIK.
In late July, the Tajik military sent troops to the semi-autonomous province of Gorno-Badakhshan, claiming it was seeking the arrest of members of a criminal gang responsible for the …

Is Central Asia kicking out the Peace Corps?
Tuesday, 18 Sep, 2012 – 8:30 | No Comment

This was originally posted by NewEurasia.net partner Kanal PIK.
The U.S. Embassy in Turkmenistan announced Aug. 31 that it was closing the Peace Corps program in the country and the remaining 18 volunteers would be making their way …

Why Eurovision in Azerbaijan is Ultimately a Good Thing
Sunday, 27 May, 2012 – 11:49 | No Comment

This is a partner post from the Editor’s Notes blog at Kanal PIK TV, click here for more from Kanal PIK
By Nicholas Alan Clayton
Dictatorships do not like the spotlight.
For all the state media bombast and …

Russian and Tajik Spat: Nothing But Politics
Monday, 28 Nov, 2011 – 10:10 | No Comment

This article was originally published at NewEurasia partner, Kanal PIK
A lengthy row between Russia and Tajikistan over the imprisonment of a Russian pilot, Vladimir Sadovnichy, has finally come to an end with the pilot’s release …

China, India, Iran and Pakistan Crowd Russia in Today’s Version of Central Asia’s Great Game
Tuesday, 8 Nov, 2011 – 13:42 | No Comment

Originally published by NewEurasia.net partner, Kanal PIK 
by Jim Brooke
When I was in Dushanbe, India’s defense minister just happened to be in the neighborhood, and popped in for a visit.
After the traditional bread and honey welcome …

Russian Killings of Tajik Migrant Workers — Now at a Level with American Lynchings in the 1930s?
Thursday, 3 Nov, 2011 – 13:50 | No Comment

This post, originally by Jim Brooke, is from NewEurasia.net partner Kanal PIK TV English
The Tajik Air jet was still taxiing to a stop at Dushanbe’s airport, but the men on board were already in the …

Azerbaijan: A New Front in Iran-Israel Rivalry
Monday, 24 Oct, 2011 – 1:00 | No Comment

Editor’s note: Originally posted by Nima Khorrami Assl at NewEurasia partner site, Kanal PIK.
Notwithstanding its religious, cultural, and historical links with Iran, the Republic of Azerbaijan has had a difficult relation with its southern neighbour since …

Semi-democracy in Turkmenistan is better than nothing
Monday, 22 Aug, 2011 – 12:54 | No Comment

Excerpts from Nima Khorrami’s blog on neweurasia’s partner-site Kanal PIK. We invite our readers to check out the full post by clicking here.
Whether or not the upcoming election [in Turkmenistan] will turn out to be …