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murzaki is an ordinary citizen, who wants Kyrgyzstan to be a country where an ordinary citizen would love to live in.

Pushing for the Kyrgyz Language: Why It Fails
Wednesday, 28 Sep, 2011 – 19:51 | 8 Comments

A number of potential candidates for the upcoming Presidential elections were not registered because they failed to pass the Kyrgyz language exam – one of the official requirements for the Presidency.  The law requires that …

BarCamp 2011 (Kyrgyzstan edition)
Monday, 12 Sep, 2011 – 18:07 | No Comment
BarCamp 2011 (Kyrgyzstan edition)

BarCamp 2011 was certainly the topic of the past weekend among so called Internet activists of Kyrgyzstan and some countries of Central Asia.  People who usually do their communication through chats, skype calls, comments, tweets …

Photos: National Testing in Kyrgyzstan
Monday, 30 May, 2011 – 22:05 | One Comment
Photos: National Testing in Kyrgyzstan

For the past ten years, around this time of the year, more than 30 thousand high school graduates participate in the National Testing – a set of written exams necessary to enroll in universities. …

Kyrgyzstan 2011: Nothing to Offer?
Tuesday, 3 May, 2011 – 16:32 | 6 Comments

Recently, Bishkek hosted an “international” exhibition titled “Kyrgyzstan 2011″. As far as I understood, the exhibition was supposed to display goods produced by 75 Kyrgyzstani companies.  However, it turned into a temporary market in …

Dordoi Bazaar in Pictures
Tuesday, 26 Apr, 2011 – 17:56 | 5 Comments
Dordoi Bazaar in Pictures

Starting from a small market in the outskirts of Bishkek, Dordoi has grown into a huge distribution center for chinese goods (mainly textile) almost for entire Central Asia and partially Russia.  Some estimate that around …

Bishkek Mayor’s Unpopular Initiative is Freezed
Friday, 1 Apr, 2011 – 6:04 | No Comment

I have already mentioned briefly about a rising scandal around one of the largest markets in almost downtown Bishkek – Osh bazaar (Google map link).  New mayor of Bishkek, Isa Omurkulov, set out to clean …

Making Business in CA: You Never Know
Tuesday, 29 Mar, 2011 – 12:13 | No Comment

In connection to my previous post regarding making business in Kyrgyzstan, I would like to share this video that went viral via social networks and blogs.   It’s a commercial of one of the Russian …

Blog Review: Life of Illegal Gastarbeiters in Moscow
Wednesday, 23 Mar, 2011 – 13:23 | One Comment
Blog Review: Life of Illegal Gastarbeiters in Moscow

Here are very interesting photo-stories (my favorite format of blogging) from zyalt (of livejournal.com) on the life of illegal migrant workers in Moscow, Russia.  Unfortunately, they are all in Russian, but I am sure you …

Kyrgyzstan: Political Games Kill Businesses and Investment Climate
Sunday, 20 Mar, 2011 – 10:44 | 7 Comments

For the last several days, one of the largest cellular operators and taxpayers of Kyrgyzstan – MegaCom (Alfa Telecom) – has changed its CEO three times.  The company has fallen victim of the nationalization process …

Central Asia: Decay and Decline, ICG Report
Wednesday, 9 Feb, 2011 – 19:18 | 2 Comments

“Yet without organised change from above, there is a growing risk of chaotic change from below.”
International Crisis Group published a special report on Central Asia on February 4th.  The grim title speaks for itself: “Central Asia: …