Starbucks in Uzbekistan: Expectations drawning in a lie?

I visited the Facebook page of Starbucks to satisfy my interest in how many people around the world follow the company. How surprised would you be to see a photo posted by an Uzbek user, who was wondering if Starbucks is really coming to Uzbekistan? Yeah, so would I.

The ad on the building promises Starbucks coming soon. But how real is that?

To be honest, if that’s true then this could be a significant event to mark the American businesses’ raising interest in investing in Uzbekistan’s economy.

If not, then fans would just have a Déjà vu: couple years ago people of Tashkent already witnessed a presence of a fake Starbucks — coffee mugs, t-shirts, coffee with a label of a popular coffee company were on sale. But there was a problem — it was all fake! Guess who was in charge of that? Your guess is right — Gulnara Karimova, daughter of the Uzbek President Islam Karimov, who accomodated the coffee shop at her compound nearby Premier hall and former Basha night club, with an undercover title: “La Shakar.”

In the meantime, Starbucks’ web site does not provide any kind of information that would shed a light on the future appearance in Uzbekistan.

Is Starbucks really coming to Uzbekistan?
Is Starbucks really coming to Uzbekistan?


  1. holy moly :) who’s getting a franchise right to have lovely Starbucks in Uzbekistan? (rhetoric question, actually) any reports on “branches” of Starbucks in other provinces?

  2. There is real starbucks, which already works in Tashkent more than one year. It is in megaplanet hypermarket. So, the naming of the article is inappropriate and misleading!

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