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Multiple identities in Central Asian art
Written by , Friday, 6 Sep, 2013 – 20:33 | No Comment

While Central Asian and national identities are by nature overarching, all-inclusive concepts, the ethnic, religious, class and other categories, although significant in their own right, are usually viewed as fractions of a larger whole. Read the full story »

Central Asian Identity, Orientalism and Modern Art
Written by , Friday, 23 Aug, 2013 – 20:42 | No Comment

First of all, the geographical definition of ‘Central Asia’ requires further clarification. The few proposed definitions of the borders of the region can be broadly subdivided into two groups, each bearing its own connotations. The first, which goes back to von Humboldt and is favoured by many scholars outside the region, emphasises its common long-term historical heritage and geographical integrity.

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Lazy Art. Part II
Written by , Saturday, 10 Aug, 2013 – 21:04 | No Comment

Editor’s note: The first part of the publication

It is not easy to define the logic and the objectives of the Lazy Art events that often edge on the grotesque and absurd. Ulan Japarov, one of the masterminds of the residence, said: ‘Lazy Art is very much like a break between classes at school. We are also doing some tasks, solve problems… with time very few would remember what tasks and what problems, but such breaks help us to become what we are…’

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Kazak Singer Rocks Slavic World Stage
Written by , Tuesday, 30 Jul, 2013 – 9:33 | No Comment

The talents of a young Kazakh singer were recognized, and awarded with high esteem, at the International Festival of Arts ‘Slavianski Bazaar 2013.’

The event, which saw the attendance of many Eurovision stars, was held from July 11th – 15th in Vitebsk, Belarus. esctoday.com tells that 18 concerts were held in total on stage at Vitebsk’s Summer Amphitheater, and those who performed the concerts, came from countries far and wide: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and more.

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Lazy Art 2013
Written by , Tuesday, 30 Jul, 2013 – 9:29 | One Comment

On 7-14 July 2013 the hospitable yurt camp of the Taijiquan Federation of Kyrgyzstan located on the picturesque southern shore of Issyk Kul, hosted the 5th anniversary event ‘Lazy Art’ which assembled a couple of dozens of Central Asian contemporary artists and curators.

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Turkmen Culture Celebrated In Turkic-Enriched Turkey
Written by , Sunday, 28 Jul, 2013 – 11:25 | No Comment

In early July 2013, the Turkish city of Eskişehir hosted the ‘Days of Turkmenistan Culture’ event.

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Tajikistan Hosts Japanese ‘Tohoku’ Photo Exhibit
Written by , Thursday, 25 Jul, 2013 – 19:13 | No Comment

Japanese photography critic Kotaro Iizawa’s curated global traveling photo exhibition made its way to Central Asia in July 2013.

From July 3rd – 21st, in Tajikistan’s capital city Dushanbe, the Embassy of Japan, together with the National Library of Tajikistan and Japan Foundation, hosted the photo exhibition “Tohoku — Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers.”
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Songs of Dark Fire by Zhyldyz Baizakova
Written by , Wednesday, 10 Jul, 2013 – 6:48 | No Comment

When I was asked to write a review of the collection of poems by Zhyldyz Baizakova called The Songs of the Dark Fire, I did not expect it to be an interesting and educating experience.

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Here’s to Registan.net
Written by , Wednesday, 12 Jun, 2013 – 2:10 | No Comment

A big announcement over at NewEurasia’s long-standing brother-site, The Registan. Essentially, the team from the last few years has broken up. Some are moving onto new careers; others are plowing forward with their present ones; but either way, their ability to blog has been and shall be curtailed. It’s the passing of an era.

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17th annual TÜRKSAV World Service Awards are coming up
Written by , Wednesday, 1 May, 2013 – 1:00 | No Comment

The Turkish World Writers and Artists Association (TÜRKSAV) shall be having its 17th annual “World Service Awards” at the end of this month. Twelve people, institutions and organizations from shall countries will be awarded in a ceremony held within the context of “Turkish Day” in the USA.

Click “read more” to see the winners and get contact information for the event.

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