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Pilaf Fest in Tashkent
Written by , Friday, 18 Apr, 2014 – 11:30 | No Comment

Pilaf – is an important part of Uzbek culture, as much as a beer for the Germans or a tea for Englishmen. There are numerous varieties of pilaf and his recipes. And it is not surprising that in Tashkent annually held Pilaf Festival, where masters, called  ”oshpaz” are demonstrating their art.

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New perfomance at Mayakovski theatre
Written by , Friday, 18 Apr, 2014 – 8:16 | No Comment

Russian Drama Theater named after Vladimir Mayakovski in Dushanbe will stage soon the performance based on the early stories by Anton Pavlovich Chehov. “The early stories by Antosha Chehonte” will contain such stories as by Chehov as: “Diplomat”, “Naughty boy”, “Offer”, “Long tongue ” and others. The director of the performance is Nadejda Slavnaya. Nadejda is the specialist from Russia (Irkutsk). I managed to attend the rehearsal of the performance and shortly talk with the director.

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International award ceremony “Jilo” was held in Dushanbe
Written by , Thursday, 17 Apr, 2014 – 8:39 | No Comment

The results of international contest “Jilo” were announced in Dushanbe on April 12. The award “Jilo” is given annually since 2012 for the contribution in art and culture of Persian-speaking nations.

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«I am not a big fan of Persian literature, I think it is too «sweet»
Written by , Monday, 14 Apr, 2014 – 7:27 | No Comment

NewEurasia competition in a social network Facebook gifted new reader Amazon Kindle PaperWhite to one of the residents of Central Asia. Sergei Proshkin from Tajikistan told us what he is going to do with his prize, and at the same time expressed his opinion about literature and «Novellasia» competition.

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Eminent women of Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Friday, 11 Apr, 2014 – 8:16 | No Comment

Journalist and writer Kulbubu Bekturganova released another book of the series about the eminent women of Kyrgyzstan.

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Bishkek, men seni syiemin!
Written by , Thursday, 10 Apr, 2014 – 15:29 | No Comment

A special guest post by Aigul Pyatayeva, a Kazakh philosophy student at the International University of Kyrgyzstan.

This week Bishkek is commemorating Revolutions… I was lucky to get a glimpse of hope by participating in a Student Conference on 7th April. And today being warned not to cross locations of possible riots, I skipped my lessons and walked the streets of Bishkek I never walked before… and came across a graffiti wall – some images illustrate city’s craziness, dynamics and aspirations. But nevertheless, Bishkek, men seni syiemin!

“Contemprorary dirt” or “The story of how “STAB” betrayed us”
Written by , Thursday, 10 Apr, 2014 – 8:06 | No Comment

Editor’s note: Sergey Chutkov, journalist and culture manager from Tajikistan, tells story of conflict between him and his former employer “Dushanbe Art Ground”. That story is a good illustration to a status of contemporary arts in Tajikistan.

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Prog rock from Tashkent
Written by , Wednesday, 9 Apr, 2014 – 16:11 | No Comment

NewEurasia continues to acquaint its readers with the various rock bands from Uzbekistan, and festival IlkhomRockFest, which is regularly held in Tashkent, is helps us.

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Behind the scenes of “Novellasia”
Written by , Tuesday, 8 Apr, 2014 – 2:49 | No Comment

Submission of works to the «Novellasia» fiction competition for residents of Central Asia was finished. Process of accepting novels, essays, short stories and blog-publications lasted nearly two months. During this short period of time 100 works from 94 authors were submitted. Read the full story »

Four years later, and only quiet prayers
Written by , Monday, 7 Apr, 2014 – 11:05 | No Comment

The sky is grey and windy, and the air peppered by occasional faint wisps of snow. The earth, however, yawns with the first shoots of verdant green.

Today is the fourth anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s second revolution. Mustafa Coşkun, an anthropologist with the Max Planck Institute, and I took a walk to Ala-Too Square to see how the Kyrgyz commemorate the event.

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