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Sugar Deficit: Back in U.S.S.R.
Written by , Saturday, 28 Jun, 2014 – 1:49 | One Comment

Uzbekistan is facing another deficit issue: sugar. If a week ago it was available for a regular price, approximately 2,500-3,000 Uzbekl sums, nowadays the price has risen to 3,200 in stores and 5,000 at bazaars.

Why to pay more? When you buy it at a store, you should wait in a queue for at least 30-40 minutes, and — surprise — you won’t get more than two (!) kilograms per person. Plus, you have to buy it outside of a market itself, on a specially-arranged territory. Moreover, a police guy controls everything to make sure people don’t fight or kill each other over sugar. Craziness? Sad but true!

But if you got to a bazaar, you can buy as many kilos as you want for a high price.

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Sumalak festival 2014
Written by , Thursday, 26 Jun, 2014 – 14:49 | No Comment

Uzbek authorities try to make the country more attractive to foreigners. But problems potential tourists face, including the difficulty of the Uzbek visa, horrible border control service etc.

At the end of April, Uzbekstourism and their partners organized an annual Sumalak Festival. The main target group of this event is diplomatic corps and foreigners who work in Uzbekistan.

It was quite an event with beautiful dances, delicious food, fashion show and exciting athmosphere. By visiting this event I became more sure that Uzbekistan could do much better than just 1 million tourists per year.

Let’s hope Uzbektourism (i.e. central government) will realize the importance to develop the tourism sector sooner than later and ease the entrance for foreigners. At the end of the day, it’s for country’s economy. For their personal income as well.

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Visual Arts сompetition “Exit Permit” is extended until July 14!
Written by , Thursday, 26 Jun, 2014 – 9:25 | No Comment

Transitions Online, an English-language magazine covering Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, and NewEurasia, Central Asia’s first and largest citizen-journalism network, are looking for the most promising visual artists in Central Asia to participate in our new competition for the visual arts, “Exit Permit.”

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Flashmob “Kyrgyz biy” in the center of Bishkek
Written by , Thursday, 26 Jun, 2014 – 7:51 | No Comment

Flashmob “Kyrgyz biy” dedicated to the Kyrgyz traditional dances was organized at the platform before the Kyrgyz State Historical Museum.

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Moynaq: The Graveyard of Ships and Hopes
Written by , Tuesday, 24 Jun, 2014 – 14:52 | One Comment

neweurasia reports from the place which was called “the worst place on earth” by The Sunday Times Magazine in 2010.

We are in Moynaq, once an important sea port, which witnessed one of the planet’s most severe environmental disasters, the Aral Sea shrinkage.

According to data collected, one of the world’s four largest lakes till mid 1960s, the Aral Sea has shrunk to just 10 % of its original size.

Here are some pictures of what Moynaq ‘seashore’ looks like today. Read the full story »

Eco Fair “Free market”
Written by , Tuesday, 24 Jun, 2014 – 8:51 | No Comment

An eco-fair “Frimarket” was organized 7th of June , at the Children Park of Dushanbe.

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First full-length animation in Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Saturday, 21 Jun, 2014 – 10:08 | No Comment

First full-length animated film “Aku” was created in Kyrgyzstan. It tells the story of love between two young people.

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Floods in Uzbekistan: Impotent Government, Speechless Citizens
Written by , Friday, 20 Jun, 2014 – 13:23 | No Comment

After the Tashkent flood, which became sort of a catastrophy for both locals and Uzbek capital’s authorities, almost the same situation happened in the cities of the Fergana Valley of the country, Andijan, Fergana and Namangan on June 17.

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Rock party in Dushanbe
Written by , Thursday, 19 Jun, 2014 – 11:04 | No Comment

Dushabe ROYAL PUB has hosted a rock party on the 7th of Jube. Such rock bands as Red-planet и Under cove were on the stage that day. Watch the video from the concert and see the photos.

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Week of India in Bishkek
Written by , Tuesday, 17 Jun, 2014 – 8:51 | No Comment

Week of India with a large-scale fair dedicated to this event has started in Bishkek.

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