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Imprisonment of Uzbeks continue in Southern Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Tuesday, 28 Sep, 2010 – 17:31 | One Comment

A spree of court trials continue raging in Southern Kyrgyzstan: a local court is going to consider the case of killing a local police chief and his driver in an Uzbek-strong neighborhood; two ethnic Uzbek residents were sentenced for writing SOS signs “thus instigating Uzbeks against Kyrgyz”; and four ethnic Uzbek clerics were sentenced for four years of imprisonment for calling out the call for prayer before its time “in order to call local residents to interethnic clashes.”

It is no surprise that those being tried are all ethnic Uzbeks because both the national committee for investigation into the events under Abdygany Erkebayev, and the country’s chief rights defender, Ombudsman Tursunbek Akun, “found Uzbeks started the clash.” However, it is still unclear where the “third forces” went which were initially blamed for inspiring and architecting the bloodletting and the current whereabouts of those “snipers who shot both Kyrgyz and Uzbeks” in Osh is an absolute mystery. Read the full story »

It IS possible to seat on two chairs simultaneously… Look at me!
Written by , Saturday, 25 Sep, 2010 – 7:20 | No Comment

This is the second time in modern Kyrgyzstan’s history when its president meets an American counterpart. Kyrgyz President Roza Otumbayeva shook hands with U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama in New York on 24 September. A similar case had taken place in 2002 when ex-President George W. Bush received our ex-President Askar Akayev in the White House to discuss the then recently established NATO-led Manas anti-terror coalition’s air base just about 30 miles away from Bishkek.

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And in the end, there shall stand only one…
Written by , Friday, 17 Sep, 2010 – 10:13 | One Comment

In yesterday’s interview with Moscow-based Fergana.RU news agency, one of the (many, many) political figures has kicked in with several pre-electoral comments reading which one concludes he’s going to kick out (many, many) figures and personalities he is unhappy with. The “kicker” politician is Kamchibek Tashiev who was once himself actually booted out of the emergencies minister’s office. Long story short, let us see and comment on what the “savior of South” has to say.

The ex-minister calls the OSCE police advisory group the “so-called policemen” and say he’s against them, as we have written before. According to Mr Tashiev, “maybe they will destabilize the situation!” Based on that suspicion, Mr Tashiev is not happy with Ms Otunbaeva and her team who initiated the PAG deployment. Read the full story »

Gas shortage in Southern Kyrgyzstan ahead of winter
Written by , Sunday, 12 Sep, 2010 – 3:02 | No Comment

The most efficient mass media tool in southern Kyrgyzstan these days is word of mouth, rumors and hearsay to be specific. Some of those are “new attacks will be launched after Ramadan ends” and “Uzbek young men left for Afghanistan and will soon return with arms to retaliate”. While absolutely discredited and demoralized local police urges residents not to believe such rumors, the approaching cold days followed by a mountainous country’s winter are no rumor in devastated Osh.

Another reality local residents faced this week, just before the long awaited by many Eid ul Fitr weekend, was the cut-off from gas and electricity supply. According to a local news website report earlier this week, “every day, about 20 households in Osh are cut-off from gas supply for debts exceeding 800 soms [about 18 USD].”

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US Policy Lecture @ American University of Central Asia
Written by , Monday, 8 Jun, 2009 – 14:46 | No Comment

The Social Research Center (SRC) at American University of Central Asia (www.src.auca.kg) presents”Resetting US Policy towards Eurasia: Problems and Prospects” with Profs. Alexander Cooley and Lincoln Mitchell, this Wednesday, June 10, 2009.

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neweurasia on DemoCamp East West, Poznan, May 23-24
Written by , Sunday, 31 May, 2009 – 15:56 | No Comment

Chris Schwarz is presenting neweurasia – Blogging Central Asia project at DemoCamp East West, New Media conference in Poznan, May 23-24, while mursya is taking video for the archive and history of the project.

Central Asian Uncle Sam contest extension/Конкурс “Центральноазиатского Дядюшки Сэма” продлен!
Written by , Tuesday, 12 May, 2009 – 15:54 | No Comment

The contest announced last week to Sovietize/Islamify Uncle Sam is being extended to this Sunday, May 17, midnight (GMT).

  • Please focus on trying to put a Central Asian “spin” on the image.  Focus on the religious and ethnic heritage of the region.
  • Please do not include any text in your image. neweurasia will provide our own slogans to accompany it.
  • Send it to me as a jpg file.

Good luck!


Объявленный на прошлой неделе конкурс “Русифицировать”, “Советизировать” или же  “Исламизировать” Дядюшку Сэма продлен - высылайте свои творения до полуночи (по Гринвичу) этого воскресенья, 17 мая.

  • Пожалуйста, в своем рисунке расвивайте центральноазиатскую тематику. Акцентируйте внимание читателей на религиозном и этническом наследии региона;
  • Убедительная просьба не добавлять никаких надписей к своему рисунку, т.к. Neweurasia добавит свой слоган к нему;
  • Высылайте свои варианты мне в формате .jpеg.


С уважением,

Chris Schwartz
Managing Editor, English
schwartz [at] neweurasia [dot] net

Contest announcement: Russianize this famous American icon!
Written by , Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 – 17:47 | 5 Comments

To all graphic artists:

The neweurasia network is launching a new recruitment and advertisement drive.  We need the image of America’s most famous icon, Uncle Sam, to be “Russianized”, “Sovietized”, or “Islamified”.


The winning image will first appear on the new neweurasia website.  It will then appear on pdfs and posters that we will be spreading throughout the online and offline worlds.

- Midnight (GMT) this Sunday!


- €50 / ≈$70
- “Uncle Sam image by…” credit on all reproductions

Keep in mind that hundreds of thousands of people will see this image and associate it with both neweurasia and your name.  So use your imagination — but be quick!

Additional rules:

- Please do not include any text in your image.
- Send it to me as a jpg file.

Good luck!

Chris Schwartz
Managing Editor, English
schwartz [at] neweurasia [dot] net

(Кликайте сюда для прочтения сообщения на русском языке)

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Every Citizen is a Reporter: World Press Freedom Day 2009
Written by , Sunday, 3 May, 2009 – 22:15 | 3 Comments


Today is World Press Freedom Day, an annual day of advocacy for the freedom of the press, as well as commemoration for journalists who are suffering restriction and imprisonment, or have made the ultimate sacrifice, for the sake of the free flow of information. “As they investigate sensitive issues, unveil disturbing truths and question policies, journalists find themselves in the firing line of those directly or indirectly exposed by their reports,” writes the World Association of Newspapers (ENG, RUS).

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Central Asia panel in Philadelphia
Written by , Wednesday, 18 Mar, 2009 – 17:30 | No Comment

lasalleshield.pngCROSSROADS OF EMPIRES:


La Salle University’s Diplomat-in-Residence Program, Spring 2009

Co-sponsored with the History Department and the Greater Philadelphia Asian Studies Consortium.

Tuesday March 31, 2009, 12:30-2:00 pm
Women and Democracy in Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

Ambassador, Mrs. Aksoltan Ataeva Ph.D. (Turkmenistan, invited)
Ambassador, Mrs. Byrganym Aitimova (Kazakhstan, confirmed)
Dr. Gulnar T. Kendirbai, Columbia University (confirmed)

Wednesday April 1, 2009, 12:30-2:00 pm
Democracy, Development and Security in Central Asia

Ambassador, Mr. Meret B. Orazov Ph.D.  (Turkmenistan, invited)
Ambassador, Mrs. Byrganym Aitimova (Kazakhstan, confirmed)
Ambassador, Mr. Sergey I. Kislyak (or Ambassador Vitaly Churkin U.N., invited)
Dr. Stephen J. Blank, Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College (confirmed)

Please join us and encourage your students to attend.

Cornelia A. Tsakiridou, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Director, Diplomat-In-Residence Program
+001 215-951-1558/1015/1320

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