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Opening of IX International Festival of craft and culture “Oymo-2014″ was held in Bishkek. More than 150 craftsmen from different countries took part in the event. Read the full story »

Jewish Synagogue in Bukhara
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If you are in Bukhara, make sure you visit the Bukharan Jews synagogue not far from Lyab-i-Havuz. It’s one of the oldest Bukharan synagogues with the copies of the Torah as old as few centuries. There’s one that is approximately 1000 years old, according to the guard of the religious site.

There are few more synagogues in Bukhara but this one is, probably, the most interesting and has a longer history than others.

Nowadays there are approximately 25-30 Bukhara Jews families of what was approximately 40,000 back in the end of 1980s. Nonetheless, the synagogue witnesses crowds on big religious holidays.

Rabbi Aron Siyanov or Dan Siyanov, if they are there would be happy to give you a tour, as well as tell you the story of the visits of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and Hillary Clinton back in a day when she was the First Lady.

Sumalak festival 2014
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Uzbek authorities try to make the country more attractive to foreigners. But problems potential tourists face, including the difficulty of the Uzbek visa, horrible border control service etc.

At the end of April, Uzbekstourism and their partners organized an annual Sumalak Festival. The main target group of this event is diplomatic corps and foreigners who work in Uzbekistan.

It was quite an event with beautiful dances, delicious food, fashion show and exciting athmosphere. By visiting this event I became more sure that Uzbekistan could do much better than just 1 million tourists per year.

Let’s hope Uzbektourism (i.e. central government) will realize the importance to develop the tourism sector sooner than later and ease the entrance for foreigners. At the end of the day, it’s for country’s economy. For their personal income as well.

Viva Uzbekistan and its tourism sector! Read the full story »

Week of India in Bishkek
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Week of India with a large-scale fair dedicated to this event has started in Bishkek.

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Light industry or Handicraft Fair?
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International Fair InterLightInd took place in Dushanbe from 4th to 8th of June. The Fair was announced as a light industry fair but I saw prevailing good by Tajik and Afghan handicraftsmen.

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Eat Plov @ Central Asian Plov Center… And Enjoy Your Life
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What could be a better meal option on a warm weekend day in Tashkent? Plov, sure thing!

If you happen to visit Tashkent, make sure you try Uzbek plov (aka pilaff). There are many speculations about which plov is more delicious (yes, spoiled Uzbek people dare to compare plovs from different regions of thri country) but I simply offer you a quick tour to Central Asian Plove Center which is located near Tashkent TV Tower, Yunusabad District.

The organization itself moved few times before settling down there. But traditions and quality never changed since then. Read the full story »

Sweeping across Central Asia
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Swedish avant-garde psychedelic rock band VED completed their tour across Central Asia.

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Le Régistan est mort, vive le Régistan?
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“Le Régistan est mort, vive le Régistan?” is a paraphrase of
“The king is dead, long live the king!”

Tourists visiting Samarkand for the past few weeks have most probably noticed construction works at one of the main historical sites of the city, Registan square. According to Ozodlik, RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service, sources report that construction works seriously affected this historical monument. Same sources reported that approximately 5 billion Uzbek Sums (more than $2,2 million) were spent on the whole process.

Now it’s obvious why Samarkand authorities were in such a rush – International Academic Conference, “The Historical Legacy of Scientists and Thinkers of the Medieval East, Its Role and Significance for the Modern Civilization.”

Well, in Samarkand, conferences and meetings with participation of foreigners take place annually, if not quarterly. This type of preps were more than those for “regular” guests. So, in fact all the efforts were to please His Majesty President Karimov’s visit and participation in the conference.

neweurasia presents photos of the Registan Square taken during reconstruction works. Read the full story »

Aiyl-Agro 2014
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II International agro-industrial exhibition AIYL-AGRO 2014 was started in Bishkek.

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Play the accordion!
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Gala concert of the II International Festival “Play the accordion!” was held in Bishkek. The purpose of the festival is to revive professional interest to bayan and accordion.

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