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Noodles in the Ilkhom
Written by , Monday, 16 Sep, 2013 – 19:49 | No Comment

The famous Tashkent theatre “Ilkhom” had opened the exhibition “Noodles” of Uzbek street-art group SEMOCHKA.

We offer you to watch a photo gallery of works of the project:

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Exclusive: Wedding of Mugat
Written by , Friday, 23 Aug, 2013 – 21:18 | No Comment

Mugat, mysterious Central Asian gypsies, nation that defies civilization for centuries.

To learn more about them you can read a few materials, that available online.

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“Uninvented portraits” of the “Visage” theater
Written by , Thursday, 22 Aug, 2013 – 14:38 | No Comment

Tashkent hosted the premiere of the play “Uninvented portraits”of the “Vision” theater. The “Vision” – special theater, it unites people with disabilities, developmental delays, children and professional actors.

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Soviet-era deportations to Central Asia (map)
Written by , Tuesday, 6 Aug, 2013 – 0:01 | One Comment

Fascinating map showing to what extent Kazakhstan, as well as Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, were destinations for so many Stalin-era deportees. A display from Karaganda Regional Museum of Local History and Ethnography, in Kazakhstan.

Rock concert in Royal Pub
Written by , Tuesday, 30 Jul, 2013 – 9:07 | No Comment

A rock concert took place on July 27. 2013 in Royal Pub in Dushanbe. See the   photo reportage from the event and the video of the band that i concider was the best at the event Monday City  (sorry for the sound, i had no good mic with me)

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Petroglyphs of the Kyrgyz Republic exhibition
Written by , Tuesday, 23 Jul, 2013 – 9:20 | No Comment

The State Historical Museum in Bishkek is the repository of lots of unique exhibits and historical subjects that reflect the essence and flavor of the Kyrgyz nation. Petroglyphs of the Kyrgyz Republic exhibition includes photos and live examples of the ancient petroglyphs found on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Colorful pictures with a brief description of the petroglyph and its location motivate visitors to see firsthand all of these unique exhibits.

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Gifts for Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Monday, 22 Jul, 2013 – 9:02 | No Comment

The exhibition Gifts for Kyrgyzstan was opened in the State Historical Museum in Kyrgyzstan. Collection that is presented for visitors consists of about 100 subjects, and the total collection is about 3,000 gifts for the country from different states.

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A mysterious Kyrgyz kalpak in Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships
Written by , Tuesday, 16 Jul, 2013 – 12:59 | No Comment

I’m freshly returned from an impromptu vacation to Croatia. It’s an intriguing country, a borsch soup of Germanic, Slavic, Christian, and Communistic ingredients. The geographical and aesthetic diversity is quite surprising, ranging from the Mediterannean-like qualities of Istria and Dalmatia, to the Velebit’s sunbaked, naked seaward side and misty, wooded landward side, to the abruptly Continental interior around Zagreb.

I intersected with two close Belgian friends, a couple from the Antwerp area, in Zagreb. There’s something gloomy and mirky about the Belgian national character — they are, in a sense, the most “Slavic” of the Northern Europeans, and just about every Belgian bookshelf has a copy of Dostoevsky. So, it was no surprise that the boyfriend had little patience for my proposal to see the Museum of Naïve Art; rather, he was most curious to see the Museum of Broken Relationships.

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Hissar fortress
Written by , Sunday, 30 Jun, 2013 – 7:55 | 3 Comments

Fhoto post from Hissar fortress, Tajikistan.

Francophonie Week 2013
Written by , Sunday, 30 Jun, 2013 – 7:55 | No Comment
The Francophonie Week 2013 in Dushanbe, consited our series of events: Francophone Film Festival which music concert by the duo NOGA / Patrick BEBEY at the National Conservatory, and theatre perfomance by Eric de SARRIA who  staged and interpret his show “A taste of millefeuille” at  Mayakovsky Theater.

There also was a series of nimor evetns / workshops  by the French artists during the week (theater of objects workshops, video workshop, singing workshops, jam sessions).

The Week was conducted by Bactria Cultural Centre, with the support of French Embassy in Tajikistan and Swiss Office for Development and Cooperation.

photos by Loki and Media fellows of Bactria Cultural Cenrtre