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Ashgabat: The City of World-Certified White-Marble
Written by , Sunday, 4 Aug, 2013 – 19:33 | No Comment

Recognizing the wonders of city spaces, and the cultural and artistic mediums showcased within the city, Guinness World Records recently anointed Turkmenistan’s capital and largest city Ashgabat with an honorary distinction.

Eurasianet.org‘s Turkmenistan-focused blog, ‘Sifting The Karakum,’ with references made to TDH news agency, tells on May 25th, 2013 —the same day Turkmen parliament honoured President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov with the title “Distinguished Architect of Turkmenistan“— Guinness World Records’ editor-in-chief Craig Glenday “…flew in to present the distinguished architect with a certificate recognizing Ashgabat as the city with the most white marble-clad buildings in the world…” Turkmenistan.Ru says the document, delivered by Glenday, “recorded the world’s highest concentration of buildings lined with white marble.”
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Kazak Singer Rocks Slavic World Stage
Written by , Tuesday, 30 Jul, 2013 – 9:33 | No Comment

The talents of a young Kazakh singer were recognized, and awarded with high esteem, at the International Festival of Arts ‘Slavianski Bazaar 2013.’

The event, which saw the attendance of many Eurovision stars, was held from July 11th – 15th in Vitebsk, Belarus. esctoday.com tells that 18 concerts were held in total on stage at Vitebsk’s Summer Amphitheater, and those who performed the concerts, came from countries far and wide: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania and more.

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Turkmen Culture Celebrated In Turkic-Enriched Turkey
Written by , Sunday, 28 Jul, 2013 – 11:25 | No Comment

In early July 2013, the Turkish city of Eskişehir hosted the ‘Days of Turkmenistan Culture’ event.

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Tajikistan Hosts Japanese ‘Tohoku’ Photo Exhibit
Written by , Thursday, 25 Jul, 2013 – 19:13 | No Comment

Japanese photography critic Kotaro Iizawa’s curated global traveling photo exhibition made its way to Central Asia in July 2013.

From July 3rd – 21st, in Tajikistan’s capital city Dushanbe, the Embassy of Japan, together with the National Library of Tajikistan and Japan Foundation, hosted the photo exhibition “Tohoku — Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers.”
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What public “anti-corruption” dismissals are really about in Turkmenistan
Written by , Thursday, 25 Jul, 2013 – 17:11 | No Comment

I guess each country has its own rules and habits of fighting corruption. Here is the Turkmen style, keeping in mind that our country has some of the most widespread corruption in the world.

In a practice dating back to Niyazov’s day, ministers are regularly sacked. But the current regime seems to like sacking ministers and workers despite successes. The heads of transporation infrastructure were dismissed for “failing to fulfill their duties” even though the first phase of a new rail has been started. Meanwhile, the grain return for 2013 is being praised for meeting targets — and voila, some grain workers have been sacked, likewise for dereliction of duty. Weirdly, these incidents have been presented as anti-corruption efforts.

Here’s what some of my fellow citizens have been observing. Basically, as bribery and patronage grows deeper in our country, it also grows larger, with even distant relatives of state officials asserting their “right” to special treatment, privileges, and a piece of the money pie. Call it “VIP syndrome”: for example, a relative of the head of the state agency for “order on the roads” (policing roads) is notorious for not stopping at red lights. So, it starts to become incumbent upon the central government to dismiss state officials in a public show of dishonor, effectivly denuding an entire clan or network of its VIP status in front of the public.

Still, there is one VIP whose family and friends will always be above such embarassment…

J.Lo Isn’t ‘Glad’ About Her Performance In Turkmenistan
Written by , Friday, 12 Jul, 2013 – 7:08 | 2 Comments

Was Jennifer Lopez’s performance in oil-rich Turkmenistan a successful a-political attempt to bring North American music culture, and pop-birthday culture, to this country’s Culture Week… or a show all gone wrong?

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Canada Celebrates Central Asian Culture
Written by , Wednesday, 10 Jul, 2013 – 6:44 | No Comment

Looking to celebrate Central Asian cultural film, cuisine and memorabilia in Canada’s largest city? From July 26th to 28th, 2013, Travel Culture Magazine will host the Sonchy’s Silk Road Adventure event in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).

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Social work: solution to mass unemployment in Kyrgyzstan’s regions
Written by , Tuesday, 9 Jul, 2013 – 10:20 | No Comment

A novel solution to the problem of unemployment in Kyrgyzstan’s regions, particularly among young people, has been hit upon by the authorities.

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Kyrgyzstan: nowhere to bury the dead, dump garbage
Written by , Saturday, 6 Jul, 2013 – 13:04 | No Comment

One of the biggest problems in Kyrgyzstan’s provinces, particularly Naryn, is a failure to provide enough cemeteries and landfill sites – with predictable results.

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The precarious existence of Turkmen students in foreign universities
Written by , Sunday, 2 Jun, 2013 – 22:01 | No Comment

Guest Post written “Maxwell”:

As you all know that studying abroad a lot of Turkmen citizens. We have compiled a list of the countries where young people learn Turkmen.

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