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Winter handicraft fair 2013
Written by , Sunday, 22 Dec, 2013 – 21:06 | No Comment

On December 14-15 Ismaili Center in Dushanbe has hosted The annual Winter Handicraft Fair organized by Bactria Cultural Center.

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Shams at the Roof of the world
Written by , Sunday, 22 Dec, 2013 – 21:04 | 3 Comments

Present video is a trailer to a “SHAMS at the ROOF OF THE WORLD” (authored by Zarina Oripova, producers Alisher Primkulov, Sergei Chutkov, Kirill Kuzmin) .

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First ever international fashion week started in Tajikistan
Written by , Thursday, 12 Dec, 2013 – 8:27 | No Comment

The first ever Dushanbe Fashion Week (DFW) began on December 8.

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“Roots” of Tajikistan
Written by , Saturday, 30 Nov, 2013 – 7:26 | No Comment

On November 17-23 STAB (School of Theory and Activism in Bishkek) conducted an animation workshop in Dushanbe for interested young people from Different regions of Tajikistan.

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Rock concert by “Zafar”
Written by , Tuesday, 26 Nov, 2013 – 21:59 | No Comment

On November 24th  Russian Drama Theater  after  Vladimir Mayakovsky , in Dushanbe  has hosted a rock concert by “Zafar ” music band.  Guys performed a variety of songs on the Pamiri language .

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Word is nothing, image is everything
Written by , Monday, 25 Nov, 2013 – 7:53 | No Comment

On November 18th Dushanbe Art Ground hosted a lecture “Social aspects of design. Word is nothing, image is everything” by Georgy Mamedov (Bishkek). The event was organized in the frame of the European Week in Tajikistan. The event gathered journalists, designers, bloggers, artists, art critirs and students.

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Perfomance – art in action
Written by , Wednesday, 20 Nov, 2013 – 7:36 | No Comment

( “The Onion” – Video perfomance by Marina Abramovich)

On November 17, Dushanbe Art Ground Center has hosted a screening-lecture “Perfomance – art in action” by Faruh Kuziev.   The lecture was conducted under the rehashed DADA manifesto “Art is what you can make out of yourself” as opposed to what you can make with something else thereby converging action and image into one inextricable artistic whole.

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Masters of folk music of mountainous regions of Tajikistan
Written by , Thursday, 7 Nov, 2013 – 9:35 | No Comment

On November 2nd, 2013 Dushanbe Cinema house has hosted concert of masters of folk music of mountainous regions of Tajikistan. The concert has become the final event of the project “Promotion and preservation of the music heritage of the mountainous regions of Tajikistan”  realized by Cultural Centre “Asha” (Dushanbe) and supported by The Christensen Fund.
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Gurguli. Born into the grave (film trailer)
Written by , Thursday, 31 Oct, 2013 – 7:40 | No Comment

This video is a trailer of documentary film “”Gurguli. Born into the grave”.

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Music business of Tajikistan
Written by , Tuesday, 29 Oct, 2013 – 8:02 | No Comment

In one of the previous posts I have already mentioned the media fellowship of Dushanbe based Bactria Cultural Centre. The fellowship is taking place from January to November 2013, and has an aim to give theoretical and practical knowledge on documentary films production to local young people.

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