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Roman Catholics of Uzbekistan Celebrate Easter
Written by , Tuesday, 22 Apr, 2014 – 11:30 | No Comment

On Easter Eve Catholics of Tashkent and Tashkent Region, as well as from other regions of Uzbekistan gathered in the Catholic Church of Holy Jesus to celebrate one of the greatest holidays of Christianity, Easter. The ceremony started with a bonfire and candles lighting followed by readings from Old Testament and New Testament in Russian, English, Polish and Korean. The ceremony also included baptism of new Catholics, catechumens who passed at least a year of catechesis studies.

The ceremony was led by Bishop Jerzy Maculewicz.

There are approximately 2,000-2,500 Roman Catholics in Uzbekistan, concentrated mainly in Tashkent, Tashkent Region, Samarkand and Fergana Valley. Congregations mainly consist of ethnic Polish, Luthuanian, French, Letts, French and German descendants of those who served for Tsarist Russia Read the full story »

Pilaf Fest in Tashkent
Written by , Friday, 18 Apr, 2014 – 11:30 | No Comment

Pilaf – is an important part of Uzbek culture, as much as a beer for the Germans or a tea for Englishmen. There are numerous varieties of pilaf and his recipes. And it is not surprising that in Tashkent annually held Pilaf Festival, where masters, called  ”oshpaz” are demonstrating their art.

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International award ceremony “Jilo” was held in Dushanbe
Written by , Thursday, 17 Apr, 2014 – 8:39 | No Comment

The results of international contest “Jilo” were announced in Dushanbe on April 12. The award “Jilo” is given annually since 2012 for the contribution in art and culture of Persian-speaking nations.

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Prog rock from Tashkent
Written by , Wednesday, 9 Apr, 2014 – 16:11 | No Comment

NewEurasia continues to acquaint its readers with the various rock bands from Uzbekistan, and festival IlkhomRockFest, which is regularly held in Tashkent, is helps us.

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“Metod Tika” – a young rock band from Uzbekistan
Written by , Wednesday, 12 Mar, 2014 – 10:28 | No Comment

Again IlkhomRockFest! A new show was held in Tashkent on 1 March. Young rock band “Metod Tika” has performed a great gig called “Uncomfortable Zone”.

Find more about their music on Metod Tika official Facebook page.

Special photo report by Relisa Granovsakya:

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Odysseus will speak in Uzbek
Written by , Tuesday, 4 Mar, 2014 – 9:11 | No Comment

While “Novellazia” contest for Central Asian writers continues, the first translation of “The Odyssey” in Uzbek was published in Uzbekistan.

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Spring comes to Tashkent
Written by , Monday, 24 Feb, 2014 – 11:25 | No Comment

On March 1 Tashkent will held two interesting cultural events that we recommend to visit to our readers. “Ilkhom” theater will open its doors for a concert of rock band “Metod Tika” and gallery “Art’n'Fact” will start an exhibition “Myths and Legends of the East” by Alexander Barkovsky.

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Laura Cortese and the Dance Cards in Uzbekistan
Written by , Friday, 14 Feb, 2014 – 7:43 | No Comment

The U.S. Embassy in Tashkent is bringing one of America’s folk musical traditions to Uzbekistan. The all-women American band Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards will perform at Uzbekistan State Conservatory in Tashkent on February 19 at 18:00 and the Ferghana Drama Theater in Ferghana city on February 21 at 16:00.

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Despot’s diplomatic sports at Sochi
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Islam Karimov in the top right corner. Screen-cap from

In politicians’ eyes, sports ain’t just about sports. And Olympic Games ain’t just about Olympic spirit either. It’s never been before Sochi and won’t be afterwards.

Let’s put aside all the concerns and controversies of the 2014 Winter Olympics, and think it via “what-opportunities-will-it-open-for-Uzbekistan” approach.

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VM bar is closed
Written by , Wednesday, 12 Feb, 2014 – 9:52 | No Comment

At Last Friday police conducted a raid on one of the few remaining in Tashkent “informal clubs.” Visitors of the “Vertical World” bar were forced to take horizontal position by police.

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