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WikiLeaks on Dateline
Written by , Monday, 23 Aug, 2010 – 11:27 | No Comment

For those English readers curious about WikiLeaks, here’s the first part of an enlightening interview on Dateline.  I’ve previously written about Central Asian reactions to the whistle-blower site.

The need to rebuild in Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Wednesday, 21 Jul, 2010 – 12:03 | 2 Comments
Oxfam rural water project in Tajikistan
Written by , Sunday, 18 Jul, 2010 – 5:00 | One Comment

Here’s a video from Oxfam about one of their rural water projects in Takistan.  A bit on the PR-side of things but it’s morally worthwhile.

Video of Uzbek exodus from Southern Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Saturday, 19 Jun, 2010 – 13:29 | No Comment

Video from Ferghana.ru. Viewer discretion is advised.  You can see more videos on the right hand column of the link.

An explanation of the situation in Osh…
Written by , Saturday, 12 Jun, 2010 – 16:50 | One Comment

…from YouTube user saveosh using Google Maps.  I should note that he views the situation as outright ethnic cleansing by Kyrgyzs against Uzbeks.  At the moment neweurasia cannot comment on his assessment of the situation, but it’s a useful overview nonetheless to at least see the general picture.

Tashkent Metro 2033: this way to the underworld?
Written by , Friday, 14 May, 2010 – 18:15 | 3 Comments

Metro 2033 is a remarkable new computer game set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The premise is so cool I’m surprised no one thought of it before: during a nuclear war in the very near future, 40,000 residents of Moscow take refuge in the city’s vast subway system. The game starts 20 years later. The stations have become villages; indeed, several have united around ideologies — the Communist “Red Line“, the Neo-Nazi “Fourth Reich“, the Capitalistic “Commonwealth of the Ring Line“, and the Hellenistic “Polis” at the center and in which some semblance of regular civilization persists. The denizens must not only contend against hordes of ever-mutating monsters from the surface and the bowels of the earth, but also with each other as they vie for resources, ideological dominance, and citizens (or slaves). Read the full story »

White bands patrol the city
Written by , Thursday, 8 Apr, 2010 – 19:06 | No Comment

Here a little video about the white-band patrols shot from our apartment.

neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan interviewed on CNN
Written by , Thursday, 8 Apr, 2010 – 17:18 | 2 Comments

Editor’s note: The interview begins at 1:30 minutes.  By the way, Mirsulzhan also runs the Central Asian Free Market Institute.  The video also explores the role of the web, especially Twitter.

Video Dispatch: A Government Falls in Kyrgyzstan
Written by , Thursday, 8 Apr, 2010 – 1:22 | 2 Comments

Analyst Marko Papic discusses key intelligence questions to be answered after Kyrgyz President Kurmanbek Bakiyev’s government is toppled during a revolt in Bishkek.