An anecdote about fortune-tellers

People have always been tempted to know their future, which is why they’ve turned to fortune-tellers. Today it’s hard to imagine anyone taking it seriously because of all our scientific progress and our materialistic outlook, but there was an incident I heard about in a small town in southern Kazakhstan that shows how alive and well the tradition still is.

A 15-year-old girl ran away from her home after a fight with her mother. After she was gone for a few days, her relatives began to worry. Usually in such situations, people go to the police, but this family decided to solve their problem by visiting a local fortune-teller. This is when the story takes a twist.

The fortune-teller told the family that the girl had been kidnapped by strangers, and that there was another girl from the neighborhood who was involved in the crime. The parents lost their heads. They captured an innocent girl and tortured her into making a confession. Fortunately, she managed to escape and tell the police, who arrested the family and the fortune-teller.

The story would be funny if it wasn’t true. Worst of all, it could have had a happy ending, because the girl who ran away ended up coming home alive and well.

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