First full-length animation in Kyrgyzstan

First full-length animated film “Aku” was created in Kyrgyzstan. It tells the story of love between two young people.

The film’s director Tolgobek Koichumanov said that around 90,000 frames were drawn to create the cartoon. About 15 people were working on the film, including the movie editor, the author of 3D-models of buildings and landscapes in the film, composer, sound designer and etc.

According to Tolgobek Koichumanov, the animated film tells the story of love between two people, which passed through the barriers of distance and time. A guy named Maksat and a girl named Aku had been friends since childhood. They grew up in a quiet little village on the shore of a mountain lake. And there wasn’t a day when they were separated from each other. Aku dreamed of seeing Paris, Maksat wanted to become an artist. Then the fate played a cruel joke with the characters, but like any other blessed love stories, the story of Maksat and Aku is going to have a real happy end.


  1. When will it be on the screen? And in what regions? Are they planning to show the cartoon abroad? And how long is the film?

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