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“Googoosha…” Famous Russian music producer’s song for Presidential daughter

Written by on Monday, 11 July 2011
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Googoosha, Googoosha, Googoosha…
This is a name of my star!
Googoosha, Googoosha, Googoosha!
My heart’s the place, where you are!

Googoosha by Max Fadeev

This woman can get anything she desires just because she wants so. She can be a serious person with a PhD degree and a co-chairwoman of the world-known Cannes Film Festival-affiliated event; or run a think-tank and shine as a glamorous designer at New York Fashion Week and other fancy events; or lead the NGO network that pretends to be independent and non-governmental but in fact gets all the governmental initiatives and funding and be the worst daughter in the world — all at the same time.

The list of Gulnara Karimova’s talents and anti-talents could last forever since there is no limits to any ambitions she holds. Or maybe almost no limits.

One of the most well known labels affiliated with the Uzbek President’s daughter is her stage persona — Googoosha. This name is well known not for hits but, first of all, because of the person that stands behind it. Be it the Besame Mucho duet with its author Julio Iglesias, or Kumush Razzokova’s Unutma meni beautiful song sang by Googoosha in different variations (as if she had a right to change one of the most popular songs of the Uzbek estrade) — nothing of a personal talent of a Gulnara-Karimova-on-a-stage.

Talking of which, it’s all about a well thought out PR-camaign to outreach more people in the regions outside of Uzbekistan. These days Terra FM radio station of Tashkent with extension throughout the whole country airs a song entitled “Googoosha” by Max Fadeev, a popular Russian music producer whose projects such as, Serebro, Gluk’Oza, Linda, Yulia Savicheva became insanely successfull in Russia and CIS countries.

Max Fadeev’s official Youtube page describes the song as a 2010 by Max Fadeev and dedicated to a young lady with a name of Googoosha (check out the screenshot).


Gulnara Karimova is 38 year old and I wouldn’t consider her a “young lady.” But who knows what trick is used to generate more rumors about a misterious Googoosha and create an aureole of love around the bearer of that name whoever it might be – especially with tens of times the song is being repeated on air by the radio station that belongs to Gulnara Karimova’s Terra Group Ltd. media company.

Commenters at video clip’s Youtube page already expressed their opinion regarding the affiliation of the Googoosha with the presidential daughter.

911depechemode wonders:

is this gulnara karimova’s pr???

…and so does Devasvet:

Uzbekistan: President’s elder daughter and singer Googoosha — is this “Googoosha” song dedicated to that lady?

…while MultiRustambek had already disclosed the real intention and sings in an Uzbek calling manner:

googosha goo-go shaaaa islom akani qizi googoshaaa XD SUPER
(googosha goo-go shaaaa daughter of islom aka (elder brother) googoshaaa XD SUPER)

The ocean looks like drain – And this is all this time
I wonder what’s your favourite – The answer’s in your eyes.
Nobody knows what’s going to happen next day night.
I cherish hopes for one thing, the answer’s in your eyes.

Googoosha by Max Fadeev

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  • flo rida says:

    her stage name was stolen from a very well-known Iranian Azeri singer Googoosh. check this out — http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Googoosh


  • ibo says:

    I don’t see her as a talented person. I see her ‘merits’ that are based on her daddy’s status and authority and will to get as much as possible from people of Uzbekistan and abroad. Her collections are just well-promoted when they are just plagiarized from the traditional Uzbek clothing; ‘her’ music is also stolen, as author said; and when even a name is stolen then what is real in that bloody dictator’s daughter? My answer is: NOTHING. The world should accept it A.S.A.P.


  • Now NotGuliKarimova seems to have picked up the baton with a profile description saying Uzbekistan only boils to death some critics not all. Yet another account GooGoosha2 has appeared saying Twitter asked me to say I m NOT Gulnara Karimova. But I agree with her Uzbekistan does not boil as many of our critics as they say we do. This GooGoosha further elaborated in a tweet that Twitter administrators sent her a notification We have received a valid report that your account GulnaraKarimova is engaged in non-parody impersonation. Twitter offers certain celebrities the option of validating their accounts and marking as such but the real Gulnara does not seem to have appeared on Twitter..A Twitter account without a picture Lola Karimova contains only links to Karimovas official site and description of her charitable activities but it is not known if it is authentic..News media has so often capsulated Uzbekistans appalling human rights record with the vivid description that the government puts dissidents in boiling water that inevitably some people become skeptical about the claim.


  • Dacey says:

    He is a great singer since she has dedicated his song for women and sing it for women’s pride and presidential daughter.


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