Kazakhstan seen by bloggers: outside of the train window

On August 21-23 nice city of Tashkent welcomed the participants of the first [un]conference of  ‘barcamp’ format – BarCamp Uzbekistan 2009. Since the BarCamp Central Asia 2009 held in Almaty on April 17-19 was over, many could not wait until the next new media event, and rushed for Tashkent as soon as possible not forgetting to take pictures of what is going on the way and memorize the whole trip.

Travel photo-notes right “out of the train window” with comments were made specially for neweurasia by (сс) halkazzar:

Закат железных дорогRailways sunset

Railways is the most popular public transportation vehicle, but now its’ condition is not very promising. However “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy”, the transportation company, plans to renew the whole system by 2020.

Вагонные спорыCoach debates is the last thing to do when there is nothing to drink… (с) Time Machine

I like our Soviet trains, they take me to the past, to childhood. The view outside of the train window is exactly as 20 years ago, and the mood inside the coach is similar.

Перспективы из окнаWindow perspectives


Проезжая мимо...

Проезжая мимо...Passing by…


Passing with the train by the distant settlings since I was a child I always asked myself: “How people live so far away from big cities?” Every day they see how trains are passing by and taking people from A point to B point.

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