Problem of migration through the animation

To convey the thoughts and to reveal a problem through animated films is not an easy thing. But for the members of the Creative Group “705”, animation is not known by hearsay. Therefore, to portray the problem of labor migration on paper using just only a pencil is a real and implementable task for them.

The shot from the animation "Didn't let go"

Creative Group “705” is a team that positions itself as the engines of anti-patriarchal art in Kyrgyzstan. On the last Saturday of each month, the guys arrange screenings of their works. Animators negotiate and agree on the one certain topic, on which they all will create animated films during the month before the showing.  In March guys talked about the International Women’s Day, and the whole series of animations by each author were on the topic of women, mothers, patriarchy in society and gender inequality.

 “We’re trying to talk through cartoons, performances and posts about the power mechanisms of our patriarchal society,” – say the animators.

In April, the topic of the animations was labor migration. Participants of the Creative Group “705” Marat Raimkulov, Nursultan and Natalia Ni are the authors of animated works for the April’s showing.

 “I think that labor migration in Kyrgyzstan is a very topical issue, because according to the statistics, up to 20% of Kyrgyzstan’s population is working abroad. According to the news we hear about the difficulties encountered by our fellow citizens: difficulties with the place of residence, employment, etc. And after a long discussion with the group, the theme of the showing in April was picked a labor migration, “- says the coordinator of the April’s showing Nursultan.

The shot from the animation "Cohabitation"

A total of six works were shown that day, and after each animation viewers along with the authors were discussing what they have seen. Labor migration – quite a common thing in today’s society, and mostly the citizens of rural areas are encountering it. The main reasons are the lack of resources to have an education and support the family. The difficulties that appear for migrants abroad became a daily norm because of terrible living conditions, hard work, often lack of language skills, moral and physical violence. And this is not even the whole list of problems which faced by the migrant worker.

Creative Group “705” tried to show their vision of the phenomenon of labor migration by their best-known way – the animation. And they turned out very well. Here I post to you one of the animated films from the April’s showing made by the artist Marat Raimkulov and titled “Didn’t let go”.

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