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Enormous mystery square in Garabogazköl lagoon


There is enormous mystery square in Google photo of Garabogazköl lagoon. This lagoon has many increases and decreases in level, sometimes even totally dry. Very strange that shadow is on northeast corner. New secret project of Berdimuhammedow? ;-]

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  • Angelos Papadimitriou says:

    You’re joking, right?

    Google maps are made up of different photos patched together. This huge rectangle you’re referring to is just a separate photo taken at a different exposure (much lighter) to that/those around it. As a result, this rectangle is somewhat overexposed, thus seeming almost uniformly colored (except for the NE corner, where waters are probably much deeper, deep enough to appear darker).

    Some simple questions we should ask ourselves before resorting to yet another conspiracy theory could be some of the following:

    -Shouldn’t the edges of this perfect square have lost some of their clear-cut outline, perhaps due to water currents (even small ones)?

    -Why should anyone, even a lunatic person or organization, apparently spread a much lighter-colored layer over such a huge area on the bottom of the lagoon? What could be a possible purpose for embarking on such a project?

    -What existing technology on earth could cause the bottom of a lagoon to (physically) become so much lighter over an area as large as approximately 45 X 30 km? (Extraterrestrials, perhaps? I hope noone entertains this idea.)

    -How could such a large-scale undertaking go completely unnoticed?

    There are almost always much simpler and more reasonable explanations to most seemingly strange phenomena and most of the time these are also the real explanations. Letting our imagination go wild is hardly to our interest.


    Dre Reply:

    @Angelos Papadimitriou, Or perhaps there’s something there that they don’t want Google to show in high-rez.. Why would they update everything else but leave an old satellite image just for that one square?


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