Gulnara tweet a tweet!

Just a few days ago Uzbek Internet community has got the first twitter account for a well-known high-ranking figure, Gulnara Karimova.

Perhaps, you will be confused by the fact that there is actually two accounts affiliated with President Karimov’s elder daughter: GuliKarimova and GulnaraKarimova. But don’t worry, from your first look you will be able to find out which one might belong to the Gulnara Karimova that is tweeting under her real name.



First of all, the first account — GuliKarimova — was opened on May 15, while the secnond one — GulnaraKarimova copied first two tweets of the first account:

Hi Twitter world
15 May

Hi all. this is my first ever twit.
15 May

Another factor that identifies GuliKarimova as who she is is that she tweetes about Lola Karimova’s, her sister’s, website, and #jewelry.

GulnaraKarimova tweets about #jewelry too, but in a sarcastic way:

But please, dahlings, let’s not talk politics. Let’s talk about what matters: #gold #jewelry #fashion #stars #blingismything

The latter makes fun using #boiling:

My first follower! Welcome, dahling! I’m so happy, I could just boil someone! (but not you dear @mikebn don’t worry) #boiling


My first follower! Welcome, dahling! I’m so happy, I could just boil someone! (but not you dear @mikebn don’t worry) #boiling

…and ‘discreets’ impersonator GuliKarimova:

Impersonator @GuliKarimova obviously not me – she follows @hm – Why would I do that, dahling, given these lies:

Indeed why would real Gulnara follow H&M that “takes a clear stand against child labour, and does not accept that underage workers are used anywhere in our supply chain – including cotton cultivation.” One of H&M’s concerns is the discovery of forced child labour in cotton cultivation in Uzbekistan.

Is the-more-real-GuliKarimova really who she affiliates herself with? Or the owner of it just has started a posting a more or less objective information in order to get as much followers as possible, and throw some posrtion of a discrediting information about Gulnara Karimova later?

This tweet makes me think that way:

I hate this guy! via @RFERL

Anyways people just have fun following these two accounts whoever stands behind them. Or don’t. This is your own choice of following either a stupid tweeting on insanely expensive jewelry and partying, or making laughing of a sarcastic jokes on #boiling someone (alignment with a poor prisoner Muzaffar Avazov boiled to death in Jaskyk, a notorious detention facility in north-west Uzbekistan, Karakalpakstan Autonomous Republic).


  1. I’ve seen both tweets… None of them is real Gulnara’s tweet accounts… None, and it’s obvious ))) Somebody is just keeping on going to annoy her, as usual…

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