Let me out and I promise not to be a prostitute[?!]


Editor’s note: Beginning this year, female Uzbekistan nationals must pledge that they shall not become prostitutes outside of the country in order to receive their exit visa, reports neweurasia’s Abulfazal. “Is Uzbekistan a Central Asian prostitution pearl so well-known in the world that everybody sleeps and dreams about [it]?” he writes. (We’re skipping our usual mid-week Top Story to highlight this post.)

Check this out: in order to leave Uzbekistan nationals should get an exit-visa sticker, which is such an archaic phenomenon still in practice in Uzbekistan; starting this year all the females of my country should now pledge of not becoming prostitutes abroad.

Hellooow? Are we living in a country famous for its body-selling traditions? Or is Uzbekistan a Central Asian prostitution pearl so well-known in the world that everybody sleeps and dreams about bringing an Uzbek woman to his country using different excuses (tour, education, work, etc.) to just get his “portion of a unique joy?”

How offensive is that to see women of your family writing an insulting statement like:

“I, (name, surname), (year of birth), am aware of the situation with human trafficking and prostitution. By leaving my country I pledge not to be involved in prostitution, not to sell myself and others to slavery.”

First of all, prostitutes will do their job without even thinking to change their mind once they “pledged.” Secondly, those who literally sell and buy people also don’t give a damn about this statement. Simply because it does not have any kind of legal power. Once any trafficker is caught he or she will get the full punishment and this paper won’t make any difference in the final sentence.

I’m quite sure that this order was sent from the upper-power-holders sitting in nice offices and knowing that this is nothing but bullcrap with theatrical scenario to report on the “activities and measures taken to prevent trafficking in persons” in future for the highest instance — the President.

Local interior departments have started implementation in the beginning of this year. Hopefully, it’ll stop this discriminatory policy violating Constitution of Uzbekistan and any other international norms soon, and leave a human alone to do whatever and wherever is in legal frames. Travelling abroad is one of these things, no? And yes, prostitution is still a bad thing here but come on — if a woman finds it as her own way of life and earning for it — just let her do it. You better care your own business.


  1. WHOA! Are they nuts? It’s like asking drug dealers and addicts not to do rugs when they are gone to the Netherlands :) But this is stupid and I agree with author that this kind of preevntive measures are used for the future reporting noting that interiors use eery possible tools of keeping Uzbsk away from the TIP-disaster

  2. “And yes, prostitution is still a bad thing here but come on — if a woman finds it as her own way of life and earning for it — just let her do it. You better care your own business.”

    Abdulfazal, reality is that prostitution had little to do with ‘individual choice’ and what all -this is typical liberal gender bullshit of the kind you find on Genderstan and consorts- but with raw exploitation and with orchestrated degeneration. The latter is also systematically encouraged by foreign donors, liberal NGOs and rapacious local ‘elites’ so as to subjugate the people better.

    In my opinion, the causes of prostitution go beyond ‘poverty’. It rather has to do with a mentality.

    Капиталистическая кампания против мусульманки

    • @Turgai, i might have agreed with you if i wouldn’t have known women who really think prostitution is the only way to survive. they literally stated that it’s what they can do to sustain their kids left without their husbands’ support. there are obviously more than two sides of the coin here.

  3. Thanks for keeping us informed. Yesterday i saw this article and ironically today I went to OVIR to submit my documents for visa. First time in my life (i’ve had those exit-visa sticker already 3 times without any problems) OVIR officers sent me with “closed letter” to police station for an interview. For all my wonders why i need to go they they just say: “it’s just a procedure. all travelers go through it”. At least now I’m prepared for what is waiting for me in tomorrow’s interview.

  4. the statement manages to miss the entire problem with human trafficking. the people who are trafficked are not selling themselves into slavery, they are being sold by someone else.

    and because males don’t have to sign any statement, they don’t even have to promise not to sell anyone else into slavery. i guess the uzbek authorities think only women do that?

    • @upyernoz, I don’t fully agree with this. First, although there certainly are many tragic cases where women are lured into it with bogus promises, many others, obsessed with glamour and easy luxury, know perfectly what they’re going to do abroad and only start to whine with NGOs after they are not paid what they were said they would get. Second, the international gender movement gets its legitimacy from demonizing men yet many of those who *organise* the sex traffic or recruit for it are women.

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