Ironically, Turkmenistan relaxes some conditions for its students abroad

This update comes somewhat late, but I think it’s important to announce anyway in case some of neweurasia‘s readers haven’t heard: my country’s authorities are relaxing the strict conditions placed upon its students abroad by accepting foreign diplomas. I’ve gotten some reactions from some of my countrymen…

From the official government news outlet (in case the link goes dead:

Turkmenistan to simplify employment procedures for citizens who graduated from foreign higher education establishments.

The Government of Turkmenistan will check the state of affairs in the sphere of recognition of the higher education diplomas of Turkmen citizens who graduated from the foreign universities. Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov issued relevant instructions to Vice Premier Gurbanmyrat Mezilov at a Cabinet meeting.

The head of state demanded that the issue of providing these citizens with jobs in accordance with the needs of Turkmenistan in specialists in various fields should be carefully examined. According to him, the Turkmen youth who studied abroad should “focus their knowledge and qualifications on the successful implementation of the ongoing large-scale reforms in the country.”

From RFE/RL:

Turkmenistan Eases Conditions For Graduates Abroad

Turkmenistan’s president has ordered to start recognizing foreign educational qualifications, indicating a reversal of a policy that barred graduates of international universities getting state jobs.

President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov told a government meeting on March 18 that foreign-educated graduates are needed to carry out ambitious reform programs.

Turkmenistan has for several years sought to prevent it citizens from studying abroad. Critics say the policy has left state bodies desperately lacking adequately qualified personnel.

Reactions on chat sites and personal acquaintances have been positive, although some have said they think that the measure will have only a minor effect because the government will still prefer those who graduated from domestic universities, which provide very low levels of education and cannot be compared to the education provided by foreign universities.

A skeptic would ask whether Turkmenistan is preparing for a return of students from foreign countries. As you know, parents are being questioned about their children studying abroad, which sparked a panic about the possibility a total ban on studying abroad once the students return home. If such a ban happens, finding them jobs will be a huge problem.

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  1. It is useless. It must be one of those “great improvements” in education we have been experiencing for 20 years now. They can’t afford truth and real improvements.

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