Let’s take a moment to breathe and think about WikiLeaks

As the WikiLeaks Cablegate firestorm continues to sweep the globe, Central Asia’s been just as caught up in it as anywhere else — and the situation maybe spiralling out of control, worries neweurasia’s Schwartz. “To the best of our ability, we need to take a moment to breathe and think about precisely what WikiLeaks is and maybe how we should be thinking about it.”

The Kyrgyz Parliament in Figures

As horse trading continues in Kyrgyzstan, neweurasia’s Marat has been quietly observing from the sidelines. He wonders whether the failure of the initial round of coalition-building has something slightly fishy behind it. “The bemusing factor in this issue is, of course, the number of votes cast ‘for’ and ‘against’ , and simple math reveals that two MPs have not voted,” he writes. “A question arises—why not?”

Japanese iPods to use Kazakh Rare Earths, Part 2

Translation of Askhat’s post (KAZ, RUS) Read Part 1 here. The misunderstanding between Japan and China is rooted in economics. Blogger Ertai writes: “Tensions between the countries ranked second and third in the world in terms of economic development are heating up, which may end badly not just for them, but for other nations as well. Why are Tokio and Beijing taking such a stance now? The Economist claims “Beijing wants to show other countries how complicated China’s border situation is.” “This is not its first time Japan is dealing with border issues. Besides the Senkaku islands question and the…

What’s the reason behind the MTS blackout?

MTS users in Turkmenistan reported today that their mobile phones are inoperative. Calls made to MTS centers have been unsuccessful. In general MTS cannot be reached for comment, nor has it posted any explanation on its website. Among its two million customers, speculation is already bubbling that this is a secret government shut down, reports neweurasia’s Annasoltan.

Wedding Trouble Sheds Light on Visa Concerns in Central Asia

Translation of Avicenna’s post (RUS) Neweurasia has been trying to verify rumors regarding how difficult it is for Uzbeks to obtain a visa to travel to Turkmenistan, and the month-long ordeal I went through in my unsuccessful attempt to attend a close friend’s wedding is the proof. From the middle of October to the middle of November, I personally had to deal with many of the alleged problems faced by aspiring visitors to sunny Turkmenistan.

neweurasia @ OSCE — live from inside the Pyramid!

The huge OSCE summit kicks off today in Astana, and neweurasia’s there to cover it. We’ve got bloggers inside the Pyramid with forthcoming posts. Meanwhile, my colleague, Yelena Jetpysayeva, the managing editor for our Russian site, is Tweeting like a madwoman @ http://twitter.com/#!/mursya. You can also watch the event live via YourVision (hyperlink provided in this post).

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