Japanese iPods to use Kazakh rare earths

Translation of Askhat’s post (KAZ, RUS) The dispute between Japan and China over the Senkaku Islands has not passed Kazakhstan by. US magazine The Nation has published an article about Japanese firms’ plans to import rare earths, one of China’s precious exports, from Kazakhstan. Several joint ventures are currently being considered.

When in doubt, blame the Islamists

Yesterday’s in southern Kyrgyzstan and today’s bombing in Bishkek have once again raised the spectre of Islamism over Central Asia’s “island of democracy”. But is there any substance behind the “Islamism” label? neweurasia’s Mary Pole sees something much more sinister at work. “The context of oppression and intimidation of the ethnic Uzbek minority in Kyrgyzstan,” she writes, “and the frequent use of the word ‘Islamist’ and ‘terrorist’ in justifying arrests and detention in many of these cases [are] indicative of a concerning trend.”

Kazakhstan: Global Undergraduate Exchange Program

Study Subject: Accounting,Agriculture, Anthropology,Biology, Business, Chemistry,Computer Science,Criminal Justice Etc. Employer: U.S. Embassy, Kazakhstan Level: Undergraduate Scholarship Description: The U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan is pleased to announce that recruitment has begun for the 2010-2011 Global Undergraduate Exchange Program. The Global Undergraduate Exchange Program in Eurasia and Central Asia (Global UGRAD), a program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State, provides opportunities for undergraduate students from Kazakhstan for one year of full-time, non-degree study in the United States.

Did Bakiev’s government try to milk Manas Airbase money out of China?

Remember all that hubub in 2009 about the possible closure of the Manas Airbase? Well, WikiLeaks reveals, so to speak, the Chinese view on the matter, albeit via American eyes. Arguably, it appears the Kyrgyz officials were trying to slyly induce China into giving them additional cash — or, conversely, that there was some talk of a deal, which the Americans sniffed out and confronted the Chinese about. The Chinese Ambassador seems rather frank in this account, talking about unemployment and discontent in his country, as well as the resentment China felt over the fate of Guantanamo Bay’s Uighur prisoners…

Uzbekistan: “Other” Uzbeks used to appease “own” Uzbeks?

Uzbek citizens have been showing interest in the fate of ethnic Uzbeks in Kyrgyzstan. The latest occurrence was reported by BBC when a Bukhara-based human rights organization has raised the issue of orphan children who lost their parents during the massacre in Southern Kyrgyzstan. Fergana.RU reported earlier that a group of human rights activists staged several rallies in Tashkent in support of their ethnic Uzbek colleague in Kyrgyzstan who was sentenced to life imprisonment. Uzbek President Islam Karimov told the UN General Assembly in September that an international inquiry was to be carried out into the June events. These were…

Torture Confessions by an Uzbek Cop

Translation of Jamil’s post (RUS) I recently had the “fortune” to speak with a man who spent many years working in Uzbekistan’s law enforcement. His story about what is understood and permitted at the Ministry of the Interior will not come as a surprise to those familiar with the human rights situation in our country. Let’s call my interlocutor Zokir-aka, since it’s unlikely that such publicity would be of any benefit to him. For over 25 years, Zokir-aka experienced both the day-to-day and the peculiarities of the service that has become an inextricable part of his life. We were able…

A Visit to Dushanbe’s Ismailite Center

Translation of Nuraika’s post (RUS) Our tour group had the good fortune to attend a tour of Dushanbe’s Ismailite center. The city is one of six in the world where members of this Shia sect have their own cultural center. The other five are located in London, Lisbon, Vancouver, Dubai and Toronto. Developed by Canadian firm Farouk Noormohamed Design Associates, the project took into account elements of local culture, architecture and traditions.

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