“Europe, this is a monstrous individual whom you’ve welcomed into Brussels today”

Uzbekistan’s Islam Karimov is meeting EU officials today on a secretive visit. 197 organizations and individuals have signed a letter of protest, and neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan has a message for Brussels: “Europe, this is the monstrous individual whom you’ve welcomed into Brussels today. In the name of justice, the world beseeches you to confront him!”

I Want Peace in Kyrgyzstan

A public campaign is taking place in Bishkek and Osh under the slogan “I want peace in Kyrgyzstan”, which is actively spreading the message of peace, harmony and peaceful settlement of the situation. The driving force behind the campaign are active civic activists and internet users. neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan Namazaliev, who is one of the members of the campaign, reports.

Pope Benedict XVI appeals for end to dramatic situation in Kyrgyzstan

During his Angelus address this Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI appeals for end to dramatic situation in Kyrgyzstan. Speaking to an estimated 20 thousand people who withstood unseasonably bad weather, the Holy Father said: “’I want to make an urgent appeal so that peace and security are quickly restored in southern Kyrgyzstan, following serious clashes in recent days. To the relatives of the victims and those suffering from this tragedy I express my heartfelt closeness and assure them of my prayers. I also invite all ethnic communities in the country to forgo any further provocation or violence and I ask the…

Bishkek residents to ask UN for help

Bishkek residents will gather in front of the UN house with an appeal to draw attention to the situation, taking place in Kyrgyzstan and to contribute to stabilizing the situation in the country. The meeting will be at 11am, June 14, 2010. It is essential that the international community to provide immediate assistance to the interim government of Kyrgyzstan and the UN Security Council should address this as a priority issue. The Kyrgyz government today needs help to protect all ethnic groups and to prevent large-scale ethnic conflict. Everyone who joins this treatment, please come to the venue. This is…

Osh: Videos from the scene

At least 23 people have been killed in clashes in Kyrgyzstan’s second-largest city of Osh. More than 300 people have been injured. A state of emergency has been declared. Armored vehicles are in the city and officials say calm had been restored. The apparent cause of the riot are gangs of disgruntled youth. neweurasia’s Mirsulzhan has submitted these videos, which have also been cross-posted on France24. We ask readers who are in Osh to leave comments.

Phone conversation between Maksim and Janybek Bakiyev

Late on May 19 there appeared audio-recording of telephone conversations of allegedly Maksim and Janybek Bakievs, the son and brother of Kurmanbek Bakiyev, the second Kyrgyz president in exile. In their nearly 40-minute conversation, Maksim and Janybek discussed their plans on a new “Bakiyev’s back” revolution in the country, proposed candidates to be “a leader for TV”:

The OSCE should oppose Kazakhstan’s Iron Curtain Policies

Central Asian Free Market Institute is puzzled by OSCE’s indifference on Kazakhstan’s unilateral closure of the border with Kyrgyzstan. It has been exactly forty days that the border is closed. On May 14, 2010 during talks with Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Kanat Saudabayev, OSCE Secretary General Marc Perrin de Brichambaut said the OSCE appreciates Kazakhstan’s efforts to resolve the situation in Kyrgyzstan. However, facts indicate the contrary for Kazakhstan. Media leaked information that the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, after talks with the head of the Provisional Government of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbayeva promised to open the border on May 11,…

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