Creating plum jobs in Armenia

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An Impossible Dream

As part of Blogging Action Day, NewEurasia and Oxfam share the story of Arzu Cabbarova, an Azeri woman who overcame personal tragedy in order to set up several organizations that empower women to earn their own income. This is a special guest post from Arzu Geybullayeva, author of “Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines”.

Announcing the Open Central Asia Book Forum

Press Release from Silk Road Media On the 24th and 25th of November 2012, in Bishkek, the British companies, Silk Road Media and Hertfordshire Press publishing house, will hold the Open Central Asia Book Forum — the first international forum and festival to concentrate attention on the development of literature and the book publishing industry in Central Asia. The unique feature of this forum is that it will unite not only representatives of book publishing companies and book authors, but those for whom books are being published – readers, libraries, different educational institutions and so on.

More Russians leaving Uzbekistan for “home”

This photo, taken by one of the people in the group, shows ethnic Russians in a container yard in Navoiy, en route from Zarafshan to Russia. It was provided to NewEurasia courtesy of Open Central Asia Magazine (OCA), who published it originally on their Facebook page. These Russians are part of the latest wave of their ethnicity to be making their way out of Uzbekistan for the Russian Federation. According to OCA, most of Russians leaving Navoiy Province are heading toward small and medium cities in the European part of Russia.

Essay contest announcement: Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition

The Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition (GSEC): “engages creative minds around the world to encourage bolder and less conventional business solutions to global poverty. “Students from around the world—and across fields of study—are invited to find innovative, commercially-sustainable business solutions to problems of poverty in the developing world. GSEC plans are judged on the quality of life in the developing world, financial sustainability, and implementation feasibility. “From affordable, nutritious meals for slum dwellers in Mumbai, to mobile wind turbines in Kazakhstan, to solar oven-powered water purification systems in Tanzania, GSEC business plans demonstrate the power of business to create sustainable, positive…

Youth entrepreneurship in times of crisis (essay contest!)

The Y2Y Global Youth Conference 2009 Essay Competition invites youth to share ideas on: What are the constraints to youth entrepreneurship in your country? Has the global crisis changed the dynamics? How can governments help young entrepreneurs to create and further develop their social and productive ventures? Young people worldwide face difficult labor market prospects. Depending on the region, youth unemployment is easily 2-3 times higher than for adults. Especially in developing countries, the school-to-work transition can be a long and tedious process, during which young people leave school, become jobless and spend time moving between unemployment, inactivity and informal…

Central Asian Uncle Sam contest extension/Конкурс “Центральноазиатского Дядюшки Сэма” продлен!

The contest announced last week to Sovietize/Islamify Uncle Sam is being extended to this Sunday, May 17, midnight (GMT). Please focus on trying to put a Central Asian “spin” on the image.  Focus on the religious and ethnic heritage of the region. Please do not include any text in your image. neweurasia will provide our own slogans to accompany it. Send it to me as a jpg file. Good luck! *** Объявленный на прошлой неделе конкурс “Русифицировать”, “Советизировать” или же  “Исламизировать” Дядюшку Сэма продлен – высылайте свои творения до полуночи (по Гринвичу) этого воскресенья, 17 мая. Пожалуйста, в своем рисунке расвивайте центральноазиатскую тематику.…

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