17th annual TÜRKSAV World Service Awards are coming up

The Turkish World Writers and Artists Association (TÜRKSAV) shall be having its 17th annual “World Service Awards” at the end of this month. Twelve people, institutions and organizations from shall countries will be awarded in a ceremony held within the context of “Turkish Day” in the USA. Click “read more” to see the winners and get contact information for the event.

The Alpamysh, part 21: Baychobar makes it to the finish line!

After having killed his only son, Karajan approaches the finish line… Seven days passed. Now, from whom do you hear the news? Hear it from the Kalmak, Taysha: “Observers were looking. They could see anyone coming. There was one observer from Taysha Khan, and another from Karajan. They spotted the horse coming. Taysha Khan’s observer said: ‘My Khan’s happiness shall be increased shortly, there will be an end to his worries. [Indeed], Barchin Jan now belongs to the Khan, [for his horse] Tarlan is in sight!’ However, Karajan’s observer [recognized] the gold amulet upon the animal’s neck and declared: ‘Once…

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