Happy Naw-Rúz! “May all national anthems be harmonized into one melody…”

Everyone here at NewEurasia would like to wish our readers a Happy Naw-Rúz (or, if you prefer, Nouruz, Norouz, Norooz, Narooz, Newroz, Newruz, Nauruz, Nawroz, Noruz, Nohrooz, Novruz, Nauroz, Navroz)! We know it’s been a slow few months, but we’ve got really good news on the horizon. It’s looking to be a fertile spring indeed!

Kumtor truck convoys in Barskayn + unhappy new hydrology report

The rather crappy photos above are of Kumtor tractor trailer convoys in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. The close-up shows one convoy parked outside of Barksayn (Барскаун, a.k.a., Barskoon, Barkaun, etc.), the second shows a full convoy that had been blocked on the road in Barskayn for mechanical reasons (an engine overheated in the lead truck), and the third shows a convoy with a police escort in one of the hamlets that rest along the Lake’s South Shore, which is less populated than the more touristy North Shore. I remember the cops being rather dramatic: sirens wailing, driving way up…

Peace Corps getting booted out of Kazakhstan?

Our friends over at the Registan are running a guest post from an American Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) regarding the sudden departure of the Peace Corps from Kazakhstan. I must say, this is really news to me, not least of which because, as I understood the situation, Kazakhstan is one of the Peace Corps’ biggest countries of deployment. Apparently rising violence and ongoing suspicions of PCVs as intelligence assets are key factors in the decision from the American and Kazakh sides, respectively: [M]any of us have been attacked and assaulted — according to our Country Director, Kazakhstan has earned the…

Scholarship programs for the 2012-2013 academic year US-Central Asia Education Foundation

ACCELS is pleased to announce 2012-13 academic scholarship program of the US-Central Asia Education Foundation (CAEF). The CAEF provides financial need-based scholarships to academically qualified students of Central Asia for undergraduate level studies in business administration at the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (KIMEP) and at the American University of Central Asia.

neweurasia and Global Voices Online are teaming up!

In Kyrgyzstan, this weekend has hopefully initiated the start of a positive new era for the country (although, of course,time will tell). It’s also signalling another new beginning: neweurasia and Global Voices Online (GVO) are teaming up! In fact, we’ve already had long-standing informal ties with GVO. For instance, our former Kazakhstan country coordinator Adil Nurmakov heads up their Central Asia wing, and many of us in the core team are friendly with GVO’s co-founder, the ever-likable Ethan Zuckerman. The new partnership shall begin modestly, with logo-exchanging on our respective Russian sites and content cross-fertilization. In the future, however, we’re…

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