On “CyberChaikhana: Digital Conversations from Central Asia”

Christopher Schwartz, neweurasia’s managing editor for the English site who also served as the editor for our network’s new book, “CyberChaikhana: Digital Conversations from Central Asia”, explains a little bit about the goal and writing process behind the project. Filmed during this year’s Central Asia BarCamp 2011 at KIMEP in Almaty.

People in Bishkek organize state-sanctioned vigilante groups to keep order in the city

Following the recent April events of  2010, which claimed the lives of more than 85 people, and ended with mass looting in Bishkek, residents of the capital city started demonstrating their civic participation and organized people’s vigilante groups to assist law enforcement agencies that have difficulties in protecting the order in the city due to a significant loss of public trust to police after the bloody events of April. People’s vigilante group Patriot is one of them. They were formed on April 8, 2010 and, together with police conducted night patrols of the city for several weeks. Today, they are…

I want peace in Kyrgyzstan 2

“We are brothers and sisters, we are children of our beautiful land. We call all of you, kyrgyzstanis, to tolerance and peace, compassion and solidarity. We have to prove to everyone that we are united. Our friendship and brotherhood unites us! And we do not tolerate any more bloodshed, tears and suffering in our land. Protection of our country is our civic duty. Developing and maintaining friendship of peoples is the sacred duty of every person. We love our Kyrgyzstan. It is our home, our future, our homeland!”

The [post-revolution] situation in Kyrgyzstan remains relatively stable

…says the acting (of acting (!)) minister of Interior Affairs Bakytbek Alymbekov, who is replacing the acting minister of Interior Affairs Bolotbek Sherniyazov, who is on sick leave. After the recent events in Kyrgyzstan, when the ex-president Kurmanbek Bakiev was ousted by a big crowd of angry people, many of whom died when attacking the White house, that followed by a night of looting in capital city Bishkek, the situation in Kyrgyzstan was not stable. Foreign media, especially Russian ones, constantly stated that Kyrgyzstan was on the edge of civil war. This is not strange given the Provisional government’s slow…

Podcast: Kyrgyz “revolution 2.0” through the eyes of foreigners

I happened to be far from my country, Kyrgyzstan, when the recent bloody events happened in its capital city Bishkek. I was taking part in an event called YouthExchange 2010 that was held in Budapest, Hungary, and was about internet, new media, and populism. Though I was thousand miles away, I tried my best to follow the developments in my home country. I was closely watching the foreign media, both Russian and western, which, to a great surprise, almost had a same message, and also new media tools like Twitter, YouTube, and online forums. It must be noted people did…