Blogroll Kazakhstan

Megakhuimyak –
A blog of an environmental analyst. Posts original views on various topics and reviews official statistics from different, sometimes unexpected angles. Also contains personal notes, which provoke emotional discussions. Updated in Russian.

Adam Kesher’s LiveJournal –
LiveJournal published by Kesher, a Kazakh political scientist working in Almaty. One of the most popular blogs in Kazakhstan. Features a variety of articles from politics and culture to fun stuff and photography. Updated daily. Entertaining read for its many visitors and commentators. Published in Russian.

KZBlog –
Well-written and entertaining blog authored and maintained by American expatriate in Astana. Provides regular analysis and commentary on current affairs from Kazakh capital. Offers real value and insight, especially when it comes to understanding political machinations of the country’s elite. Occasional food and film reviews. Published in English.

The Oil and the Glory –
Originally launching pad for namesake book by former Central Asia/Caucasus Wall Street Journal and New York Times correspondent Steve LeVine. Has since transformed into what author calls part of a fresh new trend: serious, non-fiction book publishing process becoming organic. LeVine: ‘One gets the whole history from the book and then can literally jump out of the hardcovers and into participatory current life on the blog’. Same events, places and characters one gets to know in the book come to life in blog’s current news, and everyone able to participate. Published in English.

Almaty Development –
Almost entirely devoted to some of the largest projects taking place in former Kazakh capital. Provides excellent computer-generated renderings. Links to major construction companies taking part in Kazakhstan’s current massive building boom changing the skylines of Almaty and Astana and attracting big-name architects (Norman Foster, Eric Owen Moss, Zaha Hadid, Robert Stern, Skidmore, Owings and Merrill).

PartyZan –
Weblog fully devoted to night life and booming clubbing culture in Almaty and some other cities of Kazakhstan. Here, enthusiasts of electronic music, prominent DJs and promoters – make their outreach efforts.

The Competitiveness Research Centre –
Kazakh think tank website looking closely at Kazakh government’s efforts to propel the country into the league of the world’s “fifty most competitive nations” – a targeted goal frequently announced by President Nursultan Nazarbayev. Centre aims to study social and institutional aspects of competitiveness in Kazakh society, business and governance, monitoring the country’s performance in various ratings and rankings published by foreign and international organisations. Published in Russian.