Blogroll Tajikistan

A Dervish —
A Dervish is one of the oldest Tajik blogs, founded in 2004. The author says he is looking for the truth of the life. The blog is covering politics, culture, religion, identity and the language issues.

Andesha —
Andesha is one of the most popular Tajik weblog mostly focused on politics, international relations, religion and leadership problems in Tajikistan. Tojvar the founder of the blog handed it to a younger writer Rustam Subhoni in November 2007, after receiving threats from authorities.

Salim Aioubzod —
Salim Aioubzod’s Blog founded by RFE/RL journalist Salimjon Aioubov. History, nation-building, national identity, cultural, economic and political trends are central for the author.

Bonuvon —
Bonuvon is the first Tajik blog on women and gender issues in Tajikistan run by a Tajik woman. Additionaly to the gender issues covers family, love, education, cuisine, music and etc.

Ayina (Mirror) —
Ayina or Mirror is a blog run by a Tajik journalist centered on media situation in Tajikistan, including internet and blogs.

Bakhti Millat —
Bakhti millat mostly focused on politics and education issues in Tajikistan. The blogger Botur Qosimi lives in the U.S.A. and now writes for neweurasia.

Adash Istad —
Prominent Tajik writer and journalist Adash Istad covered mostly cultular and historical issues related to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. He lives in Samarqand.

Mardiornoma (A Migrant Letters) —
Mardikornoma or A Migrant Letters run by a Tajik labor migrant in Russia Ilhom and is the best blog on labor migration of Tajiks to Russia. It is a document of day to day life of a group of migrants in Russia.

Paikon —
Paikon is one of the first corporate blogs in Tajiki founded by the Paikon newspaper. It have been publishing some of the paper’s articles, alongside with reporter’s accounts.

Toufoni Eshq (Love Hurricane) —
Toufoni eshq or Love Hurricane is a purely poetry blog run by a Tajik poet Nabiyullohi Sunnati who lives in Khujand, northern part of Tajikistan.

Cahrogi Ruzgor —
Cahrogi Ruzgor is a collective blog by a group of the Tajik journalists focused on different topics.

Soccer in Tajikistan —
This very active and very popular blog is for soccer funs. Latest news and after match analysis of the blogger have been reprinting in many newspapers.

Firdavsi Azam —
Firdavsi Aazam is a journalist and poet. His blog is mostly focused on famous and interesting personalities, poets and writers.

Sadoimehanparast —
Founded and run by a Tajik journalist this blog is mainly focused on politics and economy in Tajikistan.

Chashmandoz (Outlook) —
Chashmandoz or Outlook is blog of a Tajik journalist Aazam Khujasta. He is interested in political, economic, trade and security development in Central Asia.

Murghi Samandar (Phoenix) —
Murghi Samandar or Phoenix founded by Tajik philosopher Akbari Turson who lives in U.S.A. The central topics include cosmology, global trends, multicultural and religious issues.

Abdul Fattoh —
A videoblog dedicated to music, humor, literature, social issues.

Mountains of Tajikistan… –
This is a Kelly Beck’s blog. As a CIDA intern with MEDA (Mennonite Economic Development Associates), she tells about her time in Tajikistan: From people and their lives to living conditions, restaurants, airlines and roads… Published in English.

Praktikum in Muminabad, Tajikistan –
Blog run by an expat working in Tajikistan with Caritas on “Natural Disaster Risk Management”. Muminabad District is situated in the South, between one of the few lowlands of Tajikistan and the foot of the Pamir mountain range. The author of the blog mostly talks about the harsh living conditions. Published in English.

Dushanbinskie hroniki (Dushanbe chronicles) – Literature journal –
An interesting blog written by several people who upload poems and short stories. This blog is not really a Tajik blog but a lot of posts are written about Tajikistan. Published in Russian.

Ekonomika Tajikistana (Economy of Tajikistan) –
The first Tajik thematic blog run by young Tajik journalist. The author mostly writes about the economy of Tajikistan. Features interesting opinions which you won’t see in Tajik mainstream media. Published in Russian.