Blogroll Turkmenistan –
A very active online discussion forum about city life and other issues in Ashgabad.  Written by residents and expats.  Published in Turkmen and Russian.

Anniestan –
A thoughtful blog by Annie Alcid, a young Peace Corps volunteer living in Turkmenistan.  Focuses on everyday life in the country, as well as on the operations of the Peace Corps itself.

Jessica’s Adventures –
The personal diary of Jessica Hoover, a Peace Corps volunteer in Turkmenistan, and her family.  Besides culture studies, there’s lots of classic diary writing, including the occasional personal rant and revelation.  Enjoy!

Life in the Kara Kum –
A fun blog written by Angela Generoso, a young Peace Corps volunteer living in Turkmenistan. She describes her everyday life in the country and shares her impressions on Turkmen culture, society and lifestyle.  Published in English.

Peace Corps Turkmenistan –,tx@blog
A blogdex of all Turkmenistan-related posts in the Peace Corps blogging community. Updated regularly and automatically.

Inactive but still useful blogs

Ashgabad LJ Community –
This personal blog was written by anonymous authors.  Combining opinions, thoughts, and photographs related to Turkmenistan in general and its capital Ashgabat in particular, the last update was made on 24 September, 2008.  Published in Russian.

Camel Spotting –
Britain Anderson was a Peace Corps volunteer who taught English in Turkmenistan. She wrote about her life in the village of Altyn Asyr and expressed her opinion on Turkmen politics, society, etc. Britain has since moved to Africa but many of her photographs are still viewable.  Published in English.

Edebi Miras –

An online library of Turkmen literature created by a group of Turkmen intellectuals living abroad.  The samples included both modern and classical authors; topics covered the history, customs, and culture of the Turkmens from the 12th Century up to today.  The last update was made on 14 May, 2006.  Published in Russian.

Nahili Innovation –
Blog by a young Turkmen, who for obvious reasons does not reveal his identity. As the author writes, this is an “extraordinary blog on Turkmen business and marketing. This is THE ONLY Turkmen blog from a real Turkmen guy”. Published in Russian.