Blogroll Uzbekistan

Women’s Blog of Uzbekistan –
One of the most popular Uzbek blogs. The Women’s blog is run by several progressive young women, whose main aim is to discuss daily problems of women living in Uzbekistan which are not covered by the mainstream media. A great number of women in the country contribute their life stories – making the women’s blog very unique. Published in Russian.

Real Uzbekistan –
One of the most frequently updated blogs on Uzbekistan. The aim of the blog is to write with a different angle on topics that are covered in the government controlled media of Uzbekistan. The topics that blog usually covers are inequality, poverty and corruption. Published in Russian.

Ayollar Bekati (Women’s bus stop) –
Another blog that focuses on contemporary problems of women in Uzbekistan and calls its readers for discussions. Frequently, the blog covers very delicate issues that are not openly discussed in society due to the traditional fabric of Uzbek society. Published in Uzbek.

Rowan Wagner –
This blog is one of the few English language blogs written from inside Uzbekistan. Rowan, an expat from US currently working in Uzbekistan, writes about his life in Uzbekistan and often gives interesting first hand information about the situation in the country. Published in English.

Khorezm –
Blog on Uzbekistan, particularly on Khorezm region. One of the few blogs on Uzbekistan that gives very detailed information on topics that are banned in mainstream media. Published in Russian.

Kamron –
Another blog that dares to write about banned topics in the country. The topics that the author of the blog mainly focuses on are contemporary social and political issues in Uzbekistan. Published in Russian and English.

Kamola Navo –
Tashkent diary – one of the best examples of a personal blog. Its author Kamolanavo, a young promising Uzbek woman, regularly updates it and mainly writes about her personal life. Her beloved topics are music, movies, books and celebrities. Published in Russian.

Jamiyat –
“Current socio-political news and developments in Uzbekistan, and their analysis.” As its heading says, Jamiyat (Society) writes about the developments in socio-political life of Uzbekistan and gives its own vision on them. The range of topics discussed in Jamiyat is very broad and often touches delicate issues. Published in English.

Blog Afisha –
A blog that is getting more famous from day to day. It mainly writes about the cultural life in Uzbekistan and posts announcement about coming cultural events. If you need to find information about photo gallery shows, fashion shows or a concert, do visit this blog. Recently, it has celebrated its first anniversary. Published in Russian.

Gerchik –
Another successful personal blog. Its author Gerchik, a young man based on Termez city, mainly writes about the developments happening around him. Published in Russian.