CyberChaikhana’s Turkmenistan chapter: “The Length of a Man’s Shadow”

Continuing with the unveiling of CyberChaikhana’s chapter rough drafts, neweurasia’s Schwartz now turns to Turkmenistan, a country whose experiment with neo-Stalinism has left deep scars. “Our spin is to approach it from digital, philosophical, and generational angles not otherwise explored by other media agencies reporting on the country,” he writes.

CyberChaikhana’s Kyrgyzstan Chapter: “Bloody Blooms”

As the writing phase of CyberChaikhana nears completion, neweurasia’s Schwartz releases the next in a series of chapter rough drafts — the chapter on Kyrgyzstan. “The tulip, rising from the murk, its blossoms spread in full bloom, symbolizes many things for the people of Kyrgyzstan… Once, only a few years ago, it also meant the hope of revolution. Today: folly, disappointment, and rage.”

CyberChaikhana’s religion chapter: “The Conversation of the Gods”

The writing phase of neweurasia’s ongoing CyberChaikhana post is nearing completion. neweurasia’s Schwartz, who is writing the book, releases the first in a series of chapter rough drafts — the chapter on religion. “Central Asia has always been a battleground, and not just between empires. Ideas, especially in the form of religions, have also sought to conquer the region toward their own ends.”

Kyrgyzstan student blog

Update: So, CyberChaikhana is approaching the end. No photos to share this time around, but while hunting around the Stanosphere for CyberChaikhana material, I came upon this really neat student blog from Kyrgyzstan. The academic who heads it up runs her own blog, called The Golden Road to Samarqand, a.k.a., “Thoughtful Spot”. I intend to get in touch with her to find out when — and if — the student blog project will resume.

What do Roghun and Flemish folk music have in common? The latest chapter of CyberChaikhana

Update: The project’s deadline was pushed back to later this year, but it perseveres nonetheless!  Two weeks ago Ben and I were working on what currently exists of the manuscript (half!) and reviewing some of the graphic mock-ups. Today, I just finished revising the Tajikistan chapter, which has now been fleshed out to include our coverage on the Roghun and lawsuit controversies.  I had to suffer hours upon hours of gruesome Flemish folk music to do it, but hey, the people of Tajikistan have suffered far worse.  ;-) Click on “Read More” if you want to see yours truly working…

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