We’re back!

As of last night, I have finished the rough draft for my thesis — all 88 pages of it! All that remains to be done is editing the beast and formally submitting to my department.  So, CyberChaikhana will begin to get back into gear as August comes to a close.  Stay tuned!

Don’t worry, CyberChaikhana hasn’t gone away

Well, after three gruelling weeks of effort, I’ve finally finished the rough draft for the first part of my thesis paper.  Now comes the second part and the conclusion.  Fortunately, what’s coming up next is the fun stuff. I’ll get back into the CyberChaikhana grind soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime, I’d like to call everyone’s attention Everyone Has Human Rights Awards‘ human rights media contest.  Also, check out our blurb in Transitions Online’s June 2008 issue of Open Society Education News.

Revised chapters list

Before I go completely incommunicado for the remainder of July, here’s the latest revision of the chapters list. There isn’t a lot of difference from the previous entries (here and here); mostly subtle changes have been made to the foci’s. As many of you have realized, the foci’s will serve as the openers for the finished chapters. Make sure to check out our sample chapter, “Got Spellcheck, Will Work for Food.” I’ve been getting positive feedback so far. That’s not only promising, it’s heartening! Starting in August I will begin writing rough drafts for each chapter. Stay tuned!

The rest of July

I’ve been incommunicado the last two weeks because of my Master’s thesis. I’m culling data from the 100 or so books I’ve read over the last seven months and pooling it all together into notes, tables, dossiers, fact sheets, and yes, even pie charts. This will continue for at least one more week, and then I’ll begin writing the rough draft for the actual paper. That means I will continue to be away from CyberChaikhana, both the book and the blog, for most of July. Don’t worry! I have enough material gathered from the Stanosphere to leap back into writing…

Rough draft: “Got Spellcheck, Will Work For Food”

It’s high time I showed you all some fruit of our labor. What follows is the rough draft version of the education chapter. A few caveats before proceeding: The present rough draft is composed almost entirely from neweurasia posts. The exception is KZblog’s post, from which the title of the chapter comes. The neweurasia bloggers used in this rough draft are: Adam, Arthur, Ben, Irene, Ksenia, Maciula, Merdjen, Olesya, and Vadim. To see the original posts, just follow the link after each section. There is a bit of a preponderance of Kazakhstan-related material for the first half. This was a…

Blogger arrests and attacks

The BBC reports that blogging-related arrests total 64 since 2003. What should we make of this number? Let’s look at it in context: Reporters Without Borders (Reporters Sans Frontieres, or RSF) reports that in 2007 86 print and broadcast journalists were killed in action — up 244% over five years. Not to mention 887 arrested, 1,511 physically attacked or threatened, and a disturbing 67 journalists kidnapped. In 2006 85 print and broadcast journalists and 32 media assistants were killed, 871 arrested, 1,472 physically attacked or threatened, and 56 kidnapped. With regards to us online journalists, citizens and “pros” together, in…

Brief update

Nothing very exciting to report for this week. Ben and I have been working on a sample chapter; it will be completed tomorrow. I recently discovered the Online Journalism Blog, which I highly recommend to anyone interested in the possibilities of the internet for professional and citizen journalism. Bruce Schimmel at the Philadelphia City Paper wrote some interesting insights about the future of paper-based journalism. Essentially, he argues that dailies are environmental disasters, yet democratic socities need them in order to be healthy. Think about it: You chop down trees in Canada, and truck them to a mill. You ship…

Seeing ourselves through the Internet — Expatica

An interesting article from Expatica‘s 10.03.2007 issue. neweurasia is mentioned inthe full article (which can be read here). During a session in which Author of ‘Everything is miscellaneous’ David Weinberger debates with Andrew Keen, author of ‘The cult of the amateur’ on the influence of digital revolution on our society, Keen says the media needs to educate, inform and entertain rather than reflect the world; to simplify things rather than make them complex. In this vein I’m going to attempt to give you, hopefully, clear fragments of what I took home from the event and plenty of links to lead…

Revised thematic chapter titles and focii

Still building upon the Philadelphia framework, I have revised the titles and focii of the cross-regional thematic chapters we have in mind. I would love to know what everyone thinks of them. While working on this, I’ve been listening to Clint Mansell’s soundtrack to The Fountain. It’s luscious, very creative, and inspiring music. I recommend the film to anyone seeking a visual thrill and cinematic philosophizing. I don’t think Daron Aronofsky is capable of making a bad film — and who knew Hugh Jackman could act?

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