“Ballet evenings in the garden”

An event in the series of events under the title “Ballet evening in the garden” took place in the Botanical garden of Dushanbe on 27TH of September. The event was organized by Tajik State Academic theatre of Opera and Ballet named after S. Ayni.

“Rangorang” festival

“Rangorang” festival took place in Dushanbe botanical garden in 30th of August, 2014. Handicraftsmen from many regions of Tajikistan took place I the event. Several youth organizations has also conducted their activities during the festival. See the photo report.

Jewish Synagogue in Bukhara

If you are in Bukhara, make sure you visit the Bukharan Jews synagogue not far from Lyab-i-Havuz. It’s one of the oldest Bukharan synagogues with the copies of the Torah as old as few centuries. There’s one that is approximately 1000 years old, according to the guard of the religious site. There are few more synagogues in Bukhara but this one is, probably, the most interesting and has a longer history than others. Nowadays there are approximately 25-30 Bukhara Jews families of what was approximately 40,000 back in the end of 1980s. Nonetheless, the synagogue witnesses crowds on big religious…

Sumalak festival 2014

Uzbek authorities try to make the country more attractive to foreigners. But problems potential tourists face, including the difficulty of the Uzbek visa, horrible border control service etc. At the end of April, Uzbekstourism and their partners organized an annual Sumalak Festival. The main target group of this event is diplomatic corps and foreigners who work in Uzbekistan. It was quite an event with beautiful dances, delicious food, fashion show and exciting athmosphere. By visiting this event I became more sure that Uzbekistan could do much better than just 1 million tourists per year. Let’s hope Uzbektourism (i.e. central government)…

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