Eat Plov @ Central Asian Plov Center… And Enjoy Your Life

What could be a better meal option on a warm weekend day in Tashkent? Plov, sure thing! If you happen to visit Tashkent, make sure you try Uzbek plov (aka pilaff). There are many speculations about which plov is more delicious (yes, spoiled Uzbek people dare to compare plovs from different regions of thri country) but I simply offer you a quick tour to Central Asian Plove Center which is located near Tashkent TV Tower, Yunusabad District. The organization itself moved few times before settling down there. But traditions and quality never changed since then.

Le Régistan est mort, vive le Régistan?

“Le Régistan est mort, vive le Régistan?” is a paraphrase of “The king is dead, long live the king!” Tourists visiting Samarkand for the past few weeks have most probably noticed construction works at one of the main historical sites of the city, Registan square. According to Ozodlik, RFE/RL’s Uzbek Service, sources report that construction works seriously affected this historical monument. Same sources reported that approximately 5 billion Uzbek Sums (more than $2,2 million) were spent on the whole process. Now it’s obvious why Samarkand authorities were in such a rush – International Academic Conference, “The Historical Legacy of Scientists…

Roman Catholics of Uzbekistan Celebrate Easter

On Easter Eve Catholics of Tashkent and Tashkent Region, as well as from other regions of Uzbekistan gathered in the Catholic Church of Holy Jesus to celebrate one of the greatest holidays of Christianity, Easter. The ceremony started with a bonfire and candles lighting followed by readings from Old Testament and New Testament in Russian, English, Polish and Korean. The ceremony also included baptism of new Catholics, catechumens who passed at least a year of catechesis studies. The ceremony was led by Bishop Jerzy Maculewicz. There are approximately 2,000-2,500 Roman Catholics in Uzbekistan, concentrated mainly in Tashkent, Tashkent Region, Samarkand…

Pilaf Fest in Tashkent

Pilaf – is an important part of Uzbek culture, as much as a beer for the Germans or a tea for Englishmen. There are numerous varieties of pilaf and his recipes. And it is not surprising that in Tashkent annually held Pilaf Festival, where masters, called  “oshpaz” are demonstrating their art.

Bishkek, men seni syiemin!

A special guest post by Aigul Pyatayeva, a Kazakh philosophy student at the International University of Kyrgyzstan. This week Bishkek is commemorating Revolutions… I was lucky to get a glimpse of hope by participating in a Student Conference on 7th April. And today being warned not to cross locations of possible riots, I skipped my lessons and walked the streets of Bishkek I never walked before… and came across a graffiti wall – some images illustrate city’s craziness, dynamics and aspirations. But nevertheless, Bishkek, men seni syiemin!

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