Paint your life on the Festival of Paints 2013!

September 20, ahead of the weekend, the first Festival of Paints was held in Bishkek. Large-scale social event is the idea of the Responsible Consumption Foundation, which conducts various researches in order to identify critical needs of the population, and implements the social projects. The aim of the colorful Festival is to display an active citizenship role, and to develop the spirit of solidarity and unity of the people.

Petroglyphs of the Kyrgyz Republic exhibition

The State Historical Museum in Bishkek is the repository of lots of unique exhibits and historical subjects that reflect the essence and flavor of the Kyrgyz nation. Petroglyphs of the Kyrgyz Republic exhibition includes photos and live examples of the ancient petroglyphs found on the territory of Kyrgyzstan. Colorful pictures with a brief description of the petroglyph and its location motivate visitors to see firsthand all of these unique exhibits.

Gifts for Kyrgyzstan

The exhibition Gifts for Kyrgyzstan was opened in the State Historical Museum in Kyrgyzstan. Collection that is presented for visitors consists of about 100 subjects, and the total collection is about 3,000 gifts for the country from different states.

A mysterious Kyrgyz kalpak in Zagreb’s Museum of Broken Relationships

I’m freshly returned from an impromptu vacation to Croatia. It’s an intriguing country, a borsch soup of Germanic, Slavic, Christian, and Communistic ingredients. The geographical and aesthetic diversity is quite surprising, ranging from the Mediterannean-like qualities of Istria and Dalmatia, to the Velebit’s sunbaked, naked seaward side and misty, wooded landward side, to the abruptly Continental interior around Zagreb. I intersected with two close Belgian friends, a couple from the Antwerp area, in Zagreb. There’s something gloomy and mirky about the Belgian national character — they are, in a sense, the most “Slavic” of the Northern Europeans, and just about…

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