Kyrgyzstan’s Migration Tragedy

The Kyrgyz Republic is frequently confronted with the problem of a leakage of human capital, better known as the brain drain. Every year 2,000 young Kyrgyz professionals leave the country, according to the Ministry of Migration, Labour, and Employment, with the top destinations being the US, Europe, Canada, and Russia.

Marble and sand

I want to share with you impressions of the many contrasts in Turkmenistan by citizen-journalists I know. Except for two from Flickr (but I’m reassured are under Creative Commons licensing), I publish these photos with explicit permission from their owners, who must stay anonymous. Photo #1:Ashgabat is forever under construction, and everything is glistening marble. Always new government ministries everywhere, and elite apartments for the government coterie that cost cost around 100,000-200,000 USD (!). There are some rumors these days that even the pedestrian walkways in the main quarters shall be re-paved with marble. This is all to impression of…

Your H&M pants, courtesy Karakalpak child labor and the dying Aral Sea

In the Republic of Karakalpakstan, which is part of the Republic of Uzbekistan since the collapse of the USSR, authorities are once again forcing child labor on the cotton fields. In this region of one of the worst ecological disaster in the world and bad economical crisis, child labor aggravates the state of the Karakalpaks.   Headed by Elena Urlaeva, the activists of the Human Rights Alliance of Uzbekistan reported that from September to December in the areas of Uzbekistan and Karakalpakstan there is continued use of child labor on the cotton fields. For example, in late October, activists saw…

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