Can democracy close Turkmenistan’s tribal cracks?

Turkmenistan’s internal tribal divisions are rarely discussed, but they are real, and can be seen even in the infrastructure of the country. NewEurasia’s Annasoltan attempts to tackle the issue. “Ultimately, [the problem is not] about nefarious machinations on the part of one Turkmen tribe against all the others,” she writes. “It’s about power, privilege, and corruption, a problem that transcends tribe.”

Support young scholars and teachers in Kyrgyzstan

Here are two initiatives to help economically disadvantaged but intellectually-gifted students in our country that are being carried about by Kyrgyzstani youth in partnership with friends from overseas: The Mary Schweitzer Scholarship for undergraduate students of anthropology at the American University of Central Asia (AUCA). Every year, up to three students are selected based upon their academic excellence, dedication to the discipline, and their financial need. Click on the link above or e-mail Mugalim aims to provide financial supplements to the salaries of young teachers who are willing to work in rural schools that are in a dire need…

Will Jack-O’-Lanterns symbolize cultural resistance in Tashkent?

Счастливого Хэллоуина! Well, maybe not if you’re in Tashkent. Ever since last year, the authorities have banned the holiday. But that hasn’t stopped the party, reports NewEurasia’s Eisenstein. In fact, it seems like some downright cultural resistance is going on as schools and night clubs prepare to persist with Halloween festivities in secret.

An Impossible Dream

As part of Blogging Action Day, NewEurasia and Oxfam share the story of Arzu Cabbarova, an Azeri woman who overcame personal tragedy in order to set up several organizations that empower women to earn their own income. This is a special guest post from Arzu Geybullayeva, author of “Flying Carpets and Broken Pipelines”.

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