“Roots” of Tajikistan

On November 17-23 STAB (School of Theory and Activism in Bishkek) conducted an animation workshop in Dushanbe for interested young people from Different regions of Tajikistan. The result of the workshop was the animation called Roots, telling about the biggest in the world flagpole installed in Dushnabe.

Perfomance – art in action

( “The Onion” – Video perfomance by Marina Abramovich) On November 17, Dushanbe Art Ground Center has hosted a screening-lecture “Perfomance – art in action” by Faruh Kuziev.   The lecture was conducted under the rehashed DADA manifesto “Art is what you can make out of yourself” as opposed to what you can make with something else thereby converging action and image into one inextricable artistic whole.

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