Autumn just got a bit sunnier for Turkmenistan’s students

Last September, neweurasia broke the news about Turkmenistan’s embargo against the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) and the Turkmen students who were caught in the middle. Only a little while ago, it looked like this September set to be a repeat. However, according to RFE/RL’s Turkmen service, it might have just gotten a bit sunnier, at least for a few of them.

What if Niyazov was Niyazova?

A blogger friend of mine asked me to write my opinion about a Woman President for our country. To tell you the truth, when it comes to the actual doing of politics, gender rarely matters, women can be as strong/harsh as men. But since we are a patriarchal Central Asian country, one’s gender may become an issue.

Diamonds are a Turkmen girl’s best friends

Do you know Michael Jackson’s song “Money”? It goes like: “Anything, anything…anything for money…” and that reminded me of our girls. In Turkmenistan, we have many of the most beautiful girls in Central Asia and even in the world I guess. They’re beautiful from outside and from inside. Though, I think by now, their inner beauty started turning into a fugly thing. And I mean real fugly. They started turning into some materialistic bitches and all they can think and talk about is MONEY. How much money does this guy have? What brand of a car he drives? How many…

The end of the world in Turkmenistan, part 1

I guess you’ve all been noticing the recent frenzy about the end of the world. They said it was going to happen in 1991, 1993, 2000 and now apparently, it’s going to happen in 2012. I still haven’t figured out who comes up with the exact dates of the world’s end. But hey, we are all humans, right? Guess, some of us think of ourselves as God. The reason I’m bringing up this subject is, that I have a friend. She’s from Sikkim. Now, whoever speaks any language which is related to the family of Turkic languages, would know the…

Is the door really open in Turkmenistan?

The “Open Door” policy announced by Ashkhabad has sharply increased the flow of foreign investors,  who were hoping to either enter a new market with their products or to profit from the work contracts now available in  Turkmenistan. Obviously enough, the power sector was the one attracting the most foreign interest.  But the oil and gas market experts often underestimated the risks of their business in Turkmenistan, and after the first taste of the local realities gave up their plans of conquering the market. Among the factors influencing the investors’ decision not to come to Ashkhabad are the following: the…

The Turkmen Emperor’s New Clothes

Turkmenistan’s president is used to receiving letters of praise, even when he’s bungled a job, as in the case of Turkmen students stuck in southern Kyrgyzstan during June’s tragic events. However, not everyone has been happy with the government’s response, neweurasia’s Annasoltan reports. “Some Turkmen students said that they had hoped for more help from their government but felt neglected,” she writes. “Some of them said they even tried to hide and didn’t leave their residences for days during the events.”

Sifting the Karakum

EurasiaNet‘s got a new blog about Turkmenistan that’s focused on diplomacy and personality politics.  It’s run by Catherine A. Fitzpatrick,  a New York-based freelance writer and Russian translator, who also edits the Turkmenistan News Brief e-mail newsletter.  The blog’s small at the moment, but it’s got at least one really curious post about Berdimuhammedov writing a book about traditional herbal remedies.

Turkmenistan’s White City, jewel of earthquakes and totalitarianism

Ashgabat has suffered a lot in its brief existence, including earthquakes and years of totalitarianism. Today it has been reborn as a glittering jewel on the desert, but neweurasia’s Annasoltan reflects upon her nation’s capital as it was during the Communist era. What has been lost since then? “It was a dirty, dumpy little town, yes,” she writes, “but it was really our town.”

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