Kanat Ibragimov

Censorship and art in Central Asia: postcolonial and post-Soviet perspectives

In Central Asia, censorship of artistic activities or of public representations of their results by and large reflects the complexity of the society. It seems that censorship is too often seen either as a form of ruthless repression by the authorities of the freedom of creative expression or as an ethically justified measure against artists’ unacceptable attempts to trespass on forbidden ground. Thus the public views of censorship become polarised and only social anthropologists seem to have time to examine the mechanism of its functioning. .


American Movies in Tashkent

The 7th Annual American Film Festival was opened on 26 September 2014. You still have time to visit the last day tomorrow, Sunday. The festival takes place at the Alisher Navoi Cinema Palace (“Panoramniy”). Entrance is free.


A Thirty-Ninth inspiration

The most famous theater of Uzbekistan, “Ilkhom” (which translates from Uzbek as “Inspiration”), on September 12 has opened its 39th theatrical season. I have already invited the audience to attend the opening of the season in one of my publications, and now I want to share photos and opinion with you

The Culture of Sugar: Divide et Impera

Few days ago neweurasia reported about sugar deficit in Uzbekistan. Let me inform you, that this artificial deficit is not about to stop even at +40 heat for a few weeks, if not months, to come. Instead of selling sugar for its regular price, UZS 2,500-3,000, authorities prefer having huge queues, crying babies, spontaneous fights among buyers and policemen to control the order. Why would authorities hire policemen to control the process of selling of this particular product? Is it a part of their creating-new-jobs-state-program? neweurasia sources accross the country report that in the Fergana Valley (Fergana, Andijan, Namangan regions…

Jewish Synagogue in Bukhara

If you are in Bukhara, make sure you visit the Bukharan Jews synagogue not far from Lyab-i-Havuz. It’s one of the oldest Bukharan synagogues with the copies of the Torah as old as few centuries. There’s one that is approximately 1000 years old, according to the guard of the religious site. There are few more synagogues in Bukhara but this one is, probably, the most interesting and has a longer history than others. Nowadays there are approximately 25-30 Bukhara Jews families of what was approximately 40,000 back in the end of 1980s. Nonetheless, the synagogue witnesses crowds on big religious…

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