An explanation of the situation in Osh…

…from YouTube user saveosh using Google Maps.  I should note that he views the situation as outright ethnic cleansing by Kyrgyzs against Uzbeks.  At the moment neweurasia cannot comment on his assessment of the situation, but it’s a useful overview nonetheless to at least see the general picture.

Tashkent Metro 2033: this way to the underworld?

Metro 2033 is a remarkable new computer game set in a post-apocalyptic Moscow. The premise is so cool I’m surprised no one thought of it before: during a nuclear war in the very near future, 40,000 residents of Moscow take refuge in the city’s vast subway system. The game starts 20 years later. The stations have become villages; indeed, several have united around ideologies — the Communist “Red Line“, the Neo-Nazi “Fourth Reich“, the Capitalistic “Commonwealth of the Ring Line“, and the Hellenistic “Polis” at the center and in which some semblance of regular civilization persists. The denizens must not…

Alert: violent protests in Talas, Bishkek

Large and violent protests have erupted in Talas and Bishkek, reportedly due to anger toward fuel prices and the president himself. Yesterday demonstrators in Talas briefly took the local governor hostage while another 500 surrounded the local police headquarters. They have also attacked special forces police and the White House itself. neweurasia’s Kyrgyz division has stunning video, photographs, and commentary of the incidents.

A digital bloom five years later

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan. neweurasia’s Schwartz, who was an editor of at the time, reflects upon what the revolution meant not only for the country, but for himself as a journalist. “Conceptually-speaking, clearly something more complicated, interesting, and powerful was going on than just ‘mere’ journalism,” he writes. “Thus was my first encounter with citizen-based new media, face-to-electronic-face, spontaneous, and history-making.”

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