The Alpamysh, part 11: “Luckless Barchin I am…”

Karajan breaks his in-laws out of prison and rides away upon Baychobar. But, as he parts ways with Barchin, she makes a terrible oath.

Alpamysh's horse, Baychobar. Photographer unknown.

Karajan breaks his in-laws out of prison and rides away upon Baychobar. But, as he parts ways with Barchin, she makes a terrible oath.

Kokemen Kaska [the vezir of Baysir Bay] was the head of the executioners. He realized that Khan was changing his mind. Speedily coming to the jailhouse, Kokemen Kaska released Baysari Bay and Altun Sach to Karajan.

Baysari Bay recognized the Baychobar, walked around it, hugged it. He Jumped and mounted Baychobar; Karajan mounted behind him, followed by Altun Sach. The horse’s chest got longer and he galloped away.

Baychobar was covered with foamy sweat. He invoked the help of the Saints, and thought, “My sorrowful heart has become joyful.”

When they arrived at their destination, Baysari dismounted and picked up the overcoat handed to him by Barchin Jan. He presented it to the friend of Alpamysh, Karajan, saying,

“I lost my mind, it became scarce as precious stones.
May God have mercy on this sorrowful servant.
This grieving person has something to say:

When you come next, riding your horse on the open plains,
I pshall] await with erected tents.
Do not come with empty hands, or with much either.
When batirs arrive speedily, I am the blooming rose in the garden. May you and your kind be free
[from] Kungrat with Baysun horses,
following our trail with many soldiers bearing banners.
To the creator God, my dedication will not be temporary;
Batirs’ minds are uncomplicated, like young brothers, to the atheist Kalmak.
Do not again arrive alone without my beloved”

Karajan answered:

“Do not make this your worry,
Your beloved is not less then any other batir.
When there is serious battle in the field,
Alpamysh is equal to forty thousand soldiers.”

To which Barchin responded:

“My eyes resemble black narcissus;
My face is brighter than red apples.
Before my batir arrives to the atheist Kalmaks,
those who cannot speak the truth,
I have something to say:

White strands appeared in my hair,
does that bother you?
Tears rolled down my eyes when six months passed.
The one whom I must choose as my husband arrives
from a distance of forty days —
whoever wins the race,
riding on the horse-herd,
I must call him my man.
Let me lead a trouble-free life!
From a distance of forty days arrives my husband to be,
on the running horse!

I wear my gold embroidered clothes.
If need be, I [shall] gather my wits
without saying ‘Kizilbash’ or ‘Kalmak’,
for from a distance of forty days,
to him whose horse wins I fall as the prize.
Luckless Barchin I am,
I cannot say I am free.
Karajan, who is a friend, I promise this with a heavy heart.”

This is what Barchin said for Karajan to tell Alpamysh, and with that, she went back to her house.

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