Сlown deviation

Tashkent celebrated the birthday of Mark Weil, founder of the “Ilkhom” theater. Students presented a play “OtKLOUNenie” in honour of the Master

According to tradition, to celebrate the birthday of its founder, Mark Weil, who died tragically in 2007, “Ilkhom” theater presented a special gift. That gift was prepared by young actors and actresses, students of the Studio of Dramatic Art “Ilkhom”.

The gift was a preview of a play “OtKLOUNenie” (translates from Russian as a “Clown deviation”. That play is a diploma staging of  graduates of the VIII studio Dramatic Arts Theatre “Ilkhom”.

Touching sketches about love and loneliness takes the audience along with the characters of the play to an odyssey of life, where the clown, actor, Jester, who lives in every person seeking relief, but again and again he is locked in a trap of his passions and fantasies, and only with help of hope he follows his dream – says theater.

Director – Alexey Piscov, well known actor of the “Ilkhom” theater, lead designer – Maria Lukyanova, designer of the “IlkhomRockFest”.

Please watch a short video with fragments of the play, as well as photo-reportage:

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