50 most stylish people are chosen in Dushanbe

Annual Award Ceremony “Top 50: the most stylish people of Dushanbe” was held in Dushanbe on January, 17. The idea of holding this Ceremony belongs to one of the most popular radio stations – “Vatan”.

Story by Olga Zavyalova, NewEurasia’s blogger in Dushanbe

Annual Award Ceremony “Top 50: the most stylish people of Dushanbe” was held in Dushanbe on January, 17. The idea of holding this Ceremony belongs to one of the most popular radio stations – “Vatan”. General Manager of radio “Vatan”,  Vera Kulakova-Brannerud in her opening speech explained the main principles of winners selection: “Style – is a way of telling who you are, not saying a word.  To deserve a title of the most stylish person of the year, you have to stand out in your lifestyle, business style, dressing style, your own skills and behavior style”.


Vera Kulakova-Brannerud opens the Ceremony

Jury commission selected 50 winners who made a contribution in cultural and social development of the city from a huge list of nominees. Representatives mostly of all occupations were awarded: writers, poets, musicians, actors, models, photographers, managers, journalists, professors, movie directors, designers, businessmen, public leaders. Jury included well-known journalists and public figures.

Zafar Abdullaev, a member of a jury, writes on his website artculture.tj:

“It may seem an easy decision, but it is truly not. Members of a jury are people with different tastes, different occupations, and even different view of things. It was hard to reach an agreement in debatable questions. Absence of a clear criterias of “Style” made it even harder. Everyone has his own opinion on this topic. The key point for us was a task to select people who not only dress stylish and beautiful but have stylish manners, are charismatic, well-known”.


Zafar Abdullaev, a member of a jury, announces winners

A partner of the event, website for parents tajikmama.tj made an innovation this year – nomination “the most stylish parents”. Nasiba Aminova, editor of the website, tells that they received a lot of applications. “We always recognize a person’s success by external criteria: prestige job, car, professional education. We pay less attention to family traditions, ability of bringing up kids in difficult economic situation, skill of teaching kids to recognize the beauty of the world”, says Nasiba. Based on these standards jury selected a “mother of the year” – Zulaikho Usmonova.


Nasiba Aminova congratulates a “mother of the year” – Zulaikho Usmonova

Legendary music band “Shams” made all the guests smile and sing along. Children of the winners prepared a great surprise. They sang a song for their parents and touched every one of the audience.


Kids congratulate all the winners

Public reaction on this event was not quite ordinary. Heated arguments on accuracy in choosing finalists flared up on Facebook.

Jamshed, who follows the Ceremony every year writes on his page:

“Timur Zulfikarov is a Great Man! A writer! A poet! An outstanding person who deserves a nomination “Best of the best in Tajikistan”. But concerning style… Dear! It seems that he is coming down from stage, taking the rake and going to work in a garden”.


Timur Zulfikarov, popular writer and poet in Tajikistan, gets the award

Viktor, who is the finalist of the Ceremony, replies on all the negative comments:

“This award is created and belongs to radio “Vatan”! It is given not for dressing stylish. It is given to people who have their own style in work, life, for social work, but never for the love to clothes”.

Zafar Abdullaev writes in his article:

“Neither radio “Vatan” nor any member of a jury do not claim themselves as a qualified specialists in deciding who is stylish enough. It is possible that really worthy candidate is not on a “stylish list” yet, or maybe there are people among the winners who are not outstanding enough”.

“We know that there are a lot of beautiful, interesting and stylish people in Dushanbe, and they need to be rewarded” – says Vera Kulakova-Brannerud.

All photos from the event (by Olga Zavyalova):

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