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Uzbekistan has released a special study guide, which talks about why the February 14 – is NOT Valentine’s Day. Instead of the Valentine’s Day, youth encouraged to celebrate the birthday of Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur. Society perceives this news with irony

Today, February 14th, happy day for sellers of paper hearts, cards with kittens and other junk that people all over the world today will give to each other. We are sure, you will have a romantic dinner and then a sleepless night today! But if you have no such plans, then do not worry! Share the cute valentine card to somebody, and you will have chance! But don’t try to do it if you are in Uzbekistan.

In this country, as recently found students of the Tashkent Institute of Oriental Studies, and then shared with Uzbek Facebook users, 14 February is NOT Valentine’s Day.

A few days before the holiday, the students was offered to purchase a very interesting book. Just for 1500 soms ($ 0.7). Here is photo of this book: (picture from Facebook, author unknown)

Inscriptions from the Uzbek language translated like this: “Dedicated to the Year of Strong Family. Author: Sultonmurod Olim. February 14: NOT DAY OF LOVERS

It seems that the comments to this Manual are unnecessary. The persecution of the innocent “Valentine’s Day”, which is popular holiday among Uzbek youth, began two years ago. For the first time here were forbidden to celebrate it in schools, colleges and other educational institutions. And last year, idea to celebrate the birthday of Zakhiriddin Muhammad Babur (great historical figure from Mughal empire), came to the minds of unknown officials. In 2012, all schools were held special open lessons, dedicated to Babur in this day.

Such forcible attempts to grow new holiday, society meets with irony. In social networks, from the morning young people congratulating each other with the “Day of the Holy Babur”. New mems are “babur cards” instead of “valentine cards” and funny pictures with Babur, like this, for example:

(Inscription: “I love you! Happy Babur Day!”)

“New Eurasia” congratulates you with both holidays! As we consider, two holidays are better than one, is not it?)

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